The Point San Pedro Road Coalition is an organization of homeowner associations and residents that make up the Pt. San Pedro Road corridor in east San Rafael, California. For more information on the Coalition, see the About Us menu above.

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Posted 1/21/18: Loch Lomond Marina Update

On Tuesday January 16, 2018, the Coalition’s Marina Committee (Committee) met with the S.R. Community Development Department ( CDD ), S.R. Park and Rec ( P&R ) and S.R. Dept. of Public Works ( DPW ) for our regular monthly review of the developments at The Village at Loch Lomond Marina ... [Read more...]

Posted 12/22/17: North San Pedro Road Issues

[NOTE: Anyone interested in participating in this project is encouraged to contact our Wetlands Chair or our Board using the Contact Us menu above] The North San Pedro Road (NSPR) corridor is our residents' primary "lifeline" for evacuation and emergency response should Point San Pedro Road (PSPR) become inaccessible as ... [Read more...]

Posted 12/22/17: Paratransit Service For The Point San Pedro Peninsula

The Point San Pedro Road Coalition has been working closely with Marin Transit to get some form of public transit to serve the Point San Pedro Peninsula. During the past year, Marin Transit and the Coalition have conducted surveys and held Community meetings on this subject. One of the most ... [Read more...]

Posted 12/20/17: Umbrella Group Monthly Meeting Notes

The December meeting of the Umbrella groups with the City has been cancelled due to the holidays. The next meeting will be in January. All these meetings are open to the public. [NOTE: The Coalition meets monthly with the City of San Rafael along with two other umbrella groups (Federation of ... [Read more...]

Posted 12/1/17: The Coalition's 2017 Accomplishments and 2018 Goals

At the end of the year, the Coalition Board reviews actions and accomplishments for the year and discusses objectives for the next year. The Coalition and its various committees continue to be very active on a wide range of issues of interest and concern to residents of the Pt. San ... [Read more...]

Posted 11/10/17: Update on the Point San Pedro Road Medians

The Point San Pedro Road Coalition’s Roadway Committee has been working with the City and their median maintenance contractor to resolve a number of issues regarding the Point San Pedro Roadway medians. In 2011, East San Rafael area residents approved creation of a Point San Point Road Median Landscaping Assessment ... [Read more...]
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