April 30, 2014: S.R. & Umbrella Groups Monthly Meeting Notes

PG&E Clean-up Plan: PG&E representatives reported on the Manufacturing Gas Plant Remediation Project located at 3rd and Lindaro. PG&E is in the process of permitting and contractor selection. The project is expected to begin later this year and last ten to twelve months. The intent of the project is to remove and dispose of impacted soil at a remote offsite location, and refill to allow for redevelopment of the site. PG&E is working closely with the City to minimize the traffic impact. Work hours are expected to be 7:00am – 5:00pm M-F. A second meeting with Federation/Coalitions will be held after the contractor is selected to provide more details. For more information, go to www.pge.com/san-rafael-MGP or call a PG&E representative @ (877) 247-0581.

Municipal Code Changes for Large Daycare Centers: The City is looking at making changes to zoning ordinance amendments covering large daycare centers (9 – 14 children) in residential areas. There are 25 – 30 centers of this nature throughout the City. Changes must be taken to the Planning Commission and to the City Council for approval. City Manager, Nancy Mackle pointed out that the intent of the changes is not to make it more difficult for these centers as they play a vital role in providing care for children of residents that could not otherwise afford it. Homes with 8 or less children are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the State, and those with 15+ children must be in commercially zoned areas.