April 9, 2015: Marina Development Lighting Update

The following was provided by the S.R. Community Development Department as an update on the lighting plan for the Loch Lomond Marina development. Once the Design Review Board meeting is scheduled, we will post that information:

There are two remaining design items that will require a review by the City’s Design Review Board.  Two of the Design Review Permit conditions require that the final exterior lighting plan for the project and the final landscape plan for the residential and commercial development areas be reviewed by the Design Review Board.  I have been working with Chris Khalil (new construction manager for residential development area) and Todd Wright to get these plans finalized so that we can schedule them for a Design Review Board meeting.  Two points:

  1. The exterior lighting plan has some very specific performance standards, which include illumination intensity, how far illumination is cast and shielding to direct the lighting downward.  A post-installation inspection is necessary in order to adjust illumination, if needed.
  2. The landscape plan includes a requirement for decorative pavement along the residential parking courts and at the internal street intersections of the residential area.  A colored and stamped asphalt is being presented for consideration.  There is a sample that has been made and can be found along the main access road, just bayward of the construction trailer.

It is likely that these plans will be scheduled for one of the Design Review Board meetings in May.

Paul A. Jensen, AICP
Community Development Director
City of San Rafael
P.O. Box 151560
San Rafael, CA  94915-1560