August 10, 2007: Marin IJ Article

Loch Lomond vote a shame

Marin IJ
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As a result of Monday night’s unanimous approval by the City Council, San Rafael will soon have its own version of “The Projects” – The Village at Loch Lomond Marina.

It is difficult to fathom how the City Council could permit a project that includes nine, almost identical, two-story buildings, each containing five town house units, lined up barracks style on what is perhaps the most beautiful piece of shoreline in the city.

One would hope at least that the townhouses were designed so their bay windows face the marina and the bay. But no, they face another building just like theirs about 20 feet away.
Shame on the mayor and City Council. Shame on the Planning Commission. Double shame on the so-called Design Review Board.

I, Along with many of my neighbors, have fought this butchery of the bayfront for years. Am I a sore loser? You bet I am.

Sue Lifshiz, San Rafael