August 13, 2014: Marin County Community Development Energy Efficiency Programs

My name is Kellen Dammann and I work for the Marin County Community Development Agency on our sustainability programs. I am currently conducting outreach to our local HOAs and POAs to let them know about the energy efficiency resources that are available to Marin residents.

The main program I work on is a state-wide rebate program for homeowners that are looking to improve their home’s efficiency and comfort. This program is called Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade. Right now, homeowners can receive up to $6,500 to go towards an energy efficiency project that could include: new windows, insulation, upgraded furnace, duct sealing/replacement, and practically anything that adds efficiency to the home. Marin County also offers an additional $1,000 rebate for doing a “Showcase Home Event” where a homeowner, after a project is completed, invites friends, family, neighbors over to show off the work they did and share their experience.

There is also a program for small business with storefronts called SmartLights. This program offers a free energy assessment of the business and connects business owners to all the available rebates (one example would be lighting change-outs to LEDs).

The program that best for folks that rent and are looking to save energy is called California Youth Energy Services. CYES trains local youth to perform energy evaluations and install energy saving devices (faucet aerators, efficiency light bulbs, power strips) that wouldn’t make any permanent changes to the property and thus not require permission from a landlord or property manager. This is a very popular program because the audit and energy-saving equipment is provided free of charge and the program is able to give valuable job training and experience to Marin youth.

All of these programs are funded by California rate payers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission and the California Energy Commission. The goals of these programs are to help people save money on utility bills and lower California’s greenhouse gas emissions. I have presented at a few HOAs in Marin and they have all gone well. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I can be reached vie email or phone:
Kellen Dammann