Posted 9/6/15: Phase II of Point San Pedro Road Repaving Scheduled To Be Done this Fall

The City’s Public Works Department has announced that Phase II of the Point San Pedro Road (PSPR) Repaving project is scheduled to be done this fall. The work will involve repaving PSPR from the Quarry Driveway to Biscayne Drive.   This work could not be completed at the same time as Phase I because Phase II involved another funding source and funds from that source were not approved until Phase I was completed.

The City has combined the Phase II PSPR repaving project with some repaving work on Del Presidio Drive in Terra Linda. This project is in the process of being bid out and is expected to be awarded in the next month.

Once the contract is awarded, the contractor will then submit a work plan to the City as to which of the two projects they will do first. If they choose PSPR, that work could start as early as sometime in September.  The contractor will  have three months from the notice to proceed to complete the repaving work on both PSPR and Del Presidio Drive.

The Point San Pedro Road Coalition will continue to monitor the progress of this work as it proceeds and keep you informed of any new developments.