December 10, 2013: Update on Some Coalition Activities

Introducing the newest member of our Board, Kati Miller:

The Board of Directors of the Pt. San Pedro Road Coalition would like to introduce our newest Board Member, Kati Miller. Kati joins our Board this month and brings new enthusiasm and ideas. Kati recently retired from a lengthy and diverse career as a human resources executive. She is currently President of the Peacock Point Owners Association. Kati has also served as a board member of several not-for-profits over the course of her career including the University of California Haas School of Business Development Council, Pacific Autism Center for Education, San Jose Ballet, and Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra. We are delighted she has accepted our invitation to serve on the Board! Having Kati join the Board was a first step in expanding our Board and strengthening our relationships with the HOA’s along the corridor.

The Coalition announces the formation of the Roadway Committee:

A new Coalition Roadway Committee has been formed and will be chaired by Kevin Hagerty, President of the Glenwood Homeowners Association. The purpose of the Roadway Committee is to study, review and evaluate roadway issues that affect residents who live in communities along Point San Pedro Road. The Roadway Committee will work with the appropriate government agencies, and/or businesses, to develop recommendations that can be implemented to address problems and issues. The types of issues that the Roadway Committee will address include the following: bicycle lanes, median maintenance, roadway paving, sidewalks and adjacent areas, signage, speed limit & enforcement, and traffic congestion mitigation. The Roadway Committee has created two subcommittees, one for Medians, chaired by Jim Dickson, and the other for Traffic Congestion Mitigation, chaired by Jim Finkelstein.