December 10, 2013: Loch Lomond Marina Update

While the surcharge soil and wicking have been mostly completed on the Middle Section of the property, other work in Phase 1 has been delayed for several reasons (see Nov 15, 2013 below for the delay in the gas station remediation).

The work on the infrastructure (gas, sewer, utility, Loch Lomond Dr. repaving, spits, waterfront, etc.) has not yet begun. When the Coalition asked why, we received the following reply from Kevin McGowan, Asst Public Works Director:

“The developer has requested to finalize the map. There are many conditions associated with this approval. The developer has most of these completed however there are one or two that have not been addressed. Currently the map is scheduled for the December 16th meeting at the Council; however if we do not receive the sufficient material we will push this to January 2014. Once the map is approved, and recorded, the developer can work on the backbone main entry to the subdivision. We expect this to start in January or February 2014.”