December 17, 2014: Marina Update

The construction for the Village at Loch Lomond Marina continues more or less according to the schedule we have posted on the website under Construction Schedule. The surcharge dirt has been moved from the Phase 1 area to the Phase 2 area (Phase 2, Step 3). However, additional surcharge material will be added to that area in the next month depending on the weather.

Rain has delayed the completion of the infrastructure and paving of Loch Lomond Drive (Phase 2, Step 4). It was planned for completion in mid-December and is now planned for sometime in January.

The Boardwalk that was damaged previously has not yet been repaired. The developer states that has been delayed because of the weather and has not provided a new target date as yet.

The fuel facility, which was closed at the beginning of September for remediation, has not been completed as originally scheduled by the start of December. Other than stating that the work will resume in “early 2015”, no reason has been given for that delay or when it is planned for completion and re-opening.

The Marina Committee will continue to monitor these items and report when more information is available.