Disaster Preparedness Home Page

Disasters are unexpected events which disrupt normal living and threaten our health and well-being. Disasters will happen; we just don’t know what will happen or when it will occur. The Pt. San Pedro Road Coalition urges Homeowner Associations to take responsibility for developing disaster response plans and preparing their members for when a disaster occurs. A coordinated planning effort between homeowner associations along the Pt. San Pedro Road corridor will help to assure all levels of our community are prepared to successfully respond to a disaster. There are two aspects to facing a disaster: preparing beforehand and responding afterward. Both are part of disaster preparedness.

Preparation & Response

Preparedness in the household involves securing furniture, heavy objects, water heaters etc., mitigating fire hazards and preparing emergency kits for survival and first aid. This website along with a host of other referenced sites can provide you with extremely important information and guidance in preparing your household for a variety of emergencies.

Preparedness in the community involves establishing evacuation procedures, medical response procedures, disaster relief procedures and identifying the responsibilities of various agencies in the government and medical community to effect these procedures. It also requires establishing cooperative efforts between these agencies and local community organizations such as Homeowner Associations.

In addition to preparing for disasters, this effort requires everyone involved to practice these procedures so that reaction in the face of an emergency is appropriate and effective. This includes individual households conducting practice sessions on their individual plans for reacting to an emergency including sheltering, evacuation and re-gathering procedures.

Likewise, effective response in the community necessitates practice of the defined procedures on a regular basis. Training sessions are key to the implementation of effective and coordinated community response to a disaster. While the links in the left column will provide a vast amount of information on how to prepare and respond to a variety of disasters, nothing is more effective than active training. As with any situation, more time spent planning and better preparation increase the chance of being able to respond effectively.

The Coalition’s Role

The Emergency Preparedness Committee’s objectives are to work with the various HOA’s in our community to establish medical supply depots and to assist HOAs in developing their individual disaster preparedness plans. It also works with various agencies in communicating information on training sessions and exercises. To accomplish these goals, we need volunteers from each neighborhood and/or HOA. Please use the Contact the Committee form to sign up.

Each neighborhood should have:

  • A connection to a Community Disaster Council or similar organization
  • A Neighborhood Coordinator and at least one Neighborhood Liaison
  • Active linkage to local fire department/government disaster teams
  • A team of properly trained volunteers (see the Training page)