Disaster Prep Committee

The purpose and objectives of this committee is to:

  • Coordinate disaster preparedness events, training and information distribution among the residents and associations within the Coalition’s sphere of influence
  • Assist associations to establish disaster preparedness teams and supply stockpiles
  • Act as the liaison between the Coalition, the City of San Rafael (hereinafter called the “City”) and Marin County (hereinafter called the “County”) regarding disaster preparedness activities
  • Act on behalf of communities along Pt. San Pedro Road regarding concerns and issues brought to the Committee related to disaster preparedness
  • Bring to the attention of the City and County any issues related to identified disaster risks within the Coalition’s sphere of influence
  • Provide timely information to the community on events, information and issues related to disaster preparedness. This information will be provided via postings on the Coalition website, using the Coalition email list, and any other means of communications that is deemed appropriate.

Disaster Prep Committee Chair: Henry Warren

The full Disaster Preparedness Committee Operating Guidelines & Procedures provides a detailed description of the Disaster Prep Committee and its objectives.