February 24, 2014: Loch Lomond Marina Update

Weather permitting, the following is to start in a week or so:

1) The excavation of 100 cu yds of dirt from the gas station site.
2) Excavation of 2 small areas of contaminated dirt from the rear of the dry cleaners.
3) installation of a propane tank to serve the yacht club when the main gas line is removed.
4) Utility installation on Loch Lomond Drive in phases. This includes the installation of temporary overhead electrical poles to maintain service to the western end of the Marina. The main service is divided into 2 sections. The western section will be deactivated and new service installed. The eastern section has a separate transformer and will be the only source of power for about 4 months hence the need to add temporary service with new power poles.
5) Survey stakes have been set at the west end of the eastern marsh depicting the extent of surcharge for that area. The trees and foliage within that area is to be removed before nesting season starts (very soon).
6) The Committee (David Tattersall) took photos of the stake locations relative to foliage and will be keeping as close an eye on operations thee as possible.
7) A trailer has been installed to house the temporary Marina office. Demo of the existing office and boat sales building to start shortly.