January 30. 2013: S.R. & Umbrella Groups Monthly Meeting Notes

Chief Grey talked about Emergency Prep. The fire department is now in charge of it and they are interviewing for someone to head it up and hope to have the position filled in a month or month and a half. He talked about registering cell phones for the emergency call system. They are working on a map of all the neighborhoods. He said they can tailor notification systems for particular topics for neighborhoods (or perhaps areas) and are willing to help groups set these up. For instance, giving alerts or information to the CERT-trained people in the group. They hope to set up caches of supplies in various neighborhoods. He provided handouts on the schedule for CERT training, for CERT train-the-trainer classes and a county-wide CERT exercise open to all Marin County CERT Team members.

Carolyn Lennert presented a segment on scenic roadways and an effort to have Lucas Valley Road designated the first scenic highway in Marin. There is a website scenic-valley.org that gives more information. She looked at the PSRC representatives and said it would be a good idea for Pt. San Pedro Road.

Nader talked about roads in SR and what to do in regard to sea level rise. He said FEMA is currently doing studies to update flood maps. The mayor asked Nader to give an update in 6 months. Nader wants FEMA to hold a public meeting in SR when their studies here are done. They have given him various times for when they will be done ranging from February to late spring and then fall. In regard to Pt. San Pedro Road, Nader said there are some places that they call “bird baths,” areas that have sunk. He is working with the county to see if these areas can be worked on, raised, in conjuction with the repaving project, grading them as they resurface. He said it won’t be a perfect fix, but should make an improvement. He also said that residents had not wanted the seawall by Peacock Gap to be very high because they wanted to preserve views. He said that it might have to be built higher if there is a significant rise in water level.

Hugo Landecker talked about flooding in other areas of town pointing out a trestle that causes problems. Nader said that the trestle is needed for train use but is going to be replace by one with a wider base.

At the end of the meeting Sandra Sellinger spoke briefly and said Nader had told her that he wants to have a meeting about the medians in a few months. She said he indicated that this might be done through the Pt. San Pedro Road Coalition. Apparently even though the work will be finished there is some possibility of making some changes. She expressed concerns about the tree planting.