July 16, 2014: Loch Lomond Marina Updates

  • The contractor is expected to begin work in the next two weeks on the infrastructure improvements on Loch Lomond Drive. A temporary entrance will be created to access the dry cleaners, professional building and other services. Then trenching and related work will begin to put in sewer, water, electrical conduit, etc and, finally, repaving.
  • Remediation of the old dry cleaner site next to Andy’s Market is expected to begin in the 2nd or 3rd week of August and take approximately 2 weeks.
  • Once that remediation is completed, the existing surcharge material will be moved from the center (Phase I) portion of the property to the area between Andy’s Market and the marina parking area (now being called Phase IIA). That is expected to start in September.
  • In the November-December timeframe, the construction of the roadways and homes in Phase I is expected to commence along with the infrastructure and parking along the marina from Loch Lomond Drive toward Docks I & J.
  • Current expectation is that construction of the new Andy’s Market will begin mid-2015.
  • An open question at this point is how, where and when power will be brought onto the property from PG&E and what trenching, if any, might be needed into the newly-paved Pt. San Pedro Road.

The developer has brought in architects to handle the final designs and construction of the buildings:

Dahlin Group
Lauren Jessup-Mosu
5865 Owens Drive
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Russell Architects
Colin Russell