July 20, 2006: Meeting with Supervisor Susan Adams

Susan Adams, Supervisor
Ron Ford, Assistant to Susan Adams
Tracy Clay, Senior Engineer of the DPW – for the second part of the meeting

Rodney Ruskin, Wetlands Committee Chair
Stuart Siegel, Wetlands and Water Resources, consultant to the residents
Jonathan Freiman, Resident
Steven Cotton, Resident

[See the handout material provided at this meeting below}

Rodney handed Susan copies of the 37 petitions signed by residents in the immediate vicinity of the wetland.

Stuart then made a presentation.
Susan said that this is different from what she had been told by the DPW and called in Tracy.
Tracy quickly understood our interpretation of the situation and accepted the solution in general principle.

I believe that all parties understood that the root causes of the problem are the development of the land in the watershed above the wetland, and the building of the Loch Lomond Marina. During rain events the silt and mud is washed down from the hillside into the inlet and from there enters the wetland, resulting in silting up of the wetland.
I believe that all parties accepted that we need to prevent this occurring before next winter, and to carry out the Action Plan for a Short-Term Solution, as laid out in page 3 of the attachment.
It was agreed that in the medium term it would be a good idea to install two more 24” pipes and flap-gates under Beach Drive in order to increase the flow in and out of the wetland. And furthermore, that the silting up of the inlet needs to be addressed; but we did not press this matter because it was not part of our meeting agenda.
Susan Adams advised that she would probably be able to contribute $5,000 in matching funds from the County. The residents will be responsible for finding the balance.
Tracy visited the site on July 21 with a County roads engineer, and they have requested quotations for three alternative designs.