July 27, 2015: Marina Green Lawn Installation

The S.R. Community Development Department has been receiving several contacts regarding the lawn currently being installed at the Village at Loch Lomond in the area called the “Marina Green”. This is the area bordering the boardwalk along the marina, between the boardwalk and the parking area. The concerns being voiced relate to the installation of a grass lawn during this current drought and the watering restrictions being imposed by the State, City and County.

This turf was required to form a useable, multi-purpose marina green park, which was approved in 2007, long before the drought.  The public park and marina green was largely driven by the neighborhoods interest and need for a park in this area of Pt. San Pedro Road.  An innovative “below the sod” drip irrigation system is being installed to irrigate the lawn. This system will significantly reduce the water required and be much more efficient that a typical spray irrigation system. The current pop-up irrigation is being used until the lawn is established, then it will be shut-off and provide for back-up only. Artificial turf was considered but its safety and durability was a concern in this location.

The irrigation system is designed to support the use of recycled water (as is the irrigation system for the Pt. San Pedro Road medians). However, at this time MMWD does not provide recycled water, so potable water is currently being used.