June 21, 2015: Quarry Reclamation Schedule

The Community Meeting that Dutra had intended to hold on June 30th regarding Reclamation Activities was postponed. In the process of completing the biologic studies required prior to Reclamation, their biologist found California Red Legged Frogs in the Peacock Gap area (.9 miles away from the project site). Due to this discovery, further study is needed and that will push back the planned reclamation start date. Although no California Red Legged Frogs were found on the Quarry Site, it is not expected that reclamation work will begin in 2015.

Below is a list of the biologic studies that have been completed to date. Dutra states that a community meeting will be scheduled prior to any reclamation start date.

Biological Studies Summary:
COA 93-94 – Special Status Plant Survey (Complete)
COA 106-107 – California Red Legged Frog (In Process)
COA 108 – Western Pond Turtle Survey (Complete)
COA 109 – Bat Survey (Complete)
COA 110 – Nesting Raptor Survey (Complete)