June 25, 2015: Marina Update

On Monday June 15, 2015, the Coalition’s Marina Committee had the first of what will become monthly Marina development reviews with the S.R. Community Development and Public Works Departments (“The City”). These reviews will held on a regular monthly basis with the next review meeting to be held on Monday July 20, 2015. Attending this first review were all the members of the Marina Committee, Paul Jensen (Community Development Director) and two members of City staff. It is expected that the Public Works Department will attend future meetings as needed.

These Marina development reviews are intended to provide a focal point between the City staff responsible for the development at the Loch Lomond Marina site and the broader Pt. San Pedro Road community via the Coalition’s Marina Committee. The City staff will, then, work with the developers and their representatives to deal with any issues or concerns raised in this forum as appropriate. The public is encouraged to communicate with the Marina Committee regarding any issues or concerns so that they may be brought to the City’s attention via this communication channel.

At these monthly meetings we will review construction progress, identify any changes in the construction schedule and plans, discuss issues or concerns related to construction activity, and identify any adverse impacts to the Pt. San Pedro Road community. The Marina Committee will submit a list of items to be discussed a week prior to each review to provide the City staff time to research and identify answers. In addition, any emergency or other issues needing immediate attention will be provided to Paul Jensen as they arise.

As a result of this first Marina review meeting, some changes to the Construction Schedule – Phase 2 were provided to the committee by the City staff and the related website page has been updated accordingly. In addition, the following items were discussed:

  1. The site drawings posted at various points at the site (and on our website):
    The colored site plans posted at the site have caused some confusion and raised questions from those who view them.
    Outcome: Paul Jensen suggested posting a note on these drawings explaining that they are illustrative only and lack details. The fully approved plans are available for review at the S.R. Community Development offices at City Hall. The Coalition website is also a good source.
  2. Lighting Plans:
    The developer’s proposed lighting plan was reviewed by the Design Review Board and returned to the developer with suggested changes (see the Coalition’s posted report on the previous DRB meeting for details).
    Outcome: A revised lighting plan will be presented at a future DRB meeting by the developers.
  3. Fueling Station and Fueling Dock:
    A fueling station will be located in the marina parking area at the western (San Pedro Cove) edge. This fueling station will be for trailered boats or users purchasing fuel in cans. However, developer statements appear to indicate that there will not be a fueling dock for boats in the water. It is the Coalition’s contention that the approved plans define a “full service marina” and that such a definition should include a fueling dock.
    Outcome: Community Development to provide more information at the next meeting.
  4. The proposed marina restaurant:
    The approved plans show an extension of the existing yacht club building (between it and the new Andy’s Market) to accommodate a restaurant, a kitchen shared with the yacht club and bathroom/laundry facilities for the live-aboard community at the marina. There is also on-going discussion to move the Harbormaster’s office here as well.
    Outcome: Community Development to provide updated plans when available