June 30, 2007: Coalition Letter to the Community

To our fellow residents of the Point San Pedro Road community:

We face several environmental problem areas in our fabulous wetlands and inlets. The Point San Pedro Road Coalition has formed a Wetlands Committee to actively work on saving and restoring these threatened areas.

We have identified three areas that need our immediate attention:

1).     The wetland cut off from the Bay by Beach Drive;
2).     The wetland at the quarry; and
3).     The inlet between Beach Drive and the Loch Lomond Marina.

1.  The wetland cut off from the bay by Beach Drive:

We commissioned a consultant to review the situation. His report, which was incorporated into our presentation to Supervisor Adams, can be seen here. We have persuaded the County Department of Public Works that this work should be done, however, they are not prepared to fund this project. The total budget to carry out this repair is:

Consultant fees:    $  7,354
Materials: Approx   $  6,000
Contractor: Approx $  4,000
Total:                     $17,500

We already have received a donation of $7,354 from one of our residents, and Susan Adams has pledged to donate $5,000 from a County discretional fund, but we must raise an additional $5,000.

2.  The wetland at the quarry:

At our request, the owners of the quarry have agreed to hire a consultant to study the situation.  We are continuing to work to ensure restoration of this wetland.
3.  The inlet between Beach Drive and the Loch Lomond Marina:

Over the past decade, this inlet has been filling in.  This is a major problem which must be resolved in the next few years.  After the wetland project is completed, and the plans for the development of the Marina have been finalized, the Committee will concentrate on the issue.  We will need a substantial amount of money to brief consultants and lawyers. We would like to budget $10,000 for this effort.

If one considers the substantial loss of priceless wetlands, as well as the reduction in property values that will results from their loss, the costs of remediation are minor.  We call upon each homeowner in the area around the wetland to donate $150.00 to a wetlands fund, and the other homeowners in the Point San Pedro region to donate $75.00.  This will give us sufficient funds to aggressively pursue our objectives. These donations are tax deductible.


Bonnie Marmor                                     Denise Lucy
Co-President                                         Co-President