June 8, 2015: Marina Wetlands Restoration Work

The developers are starting the Wetland restoration portion of the project today. Their environmental consultant has flagged the edge of the wetland plants so they can remove the non-native plants from outside the wetland area. They will be replanting the area with native vegetation. The removal of the non-native plants is standard procedure for a wetland project and part of the approved work concerning the wetlands area. This information is from the S.R. Public Works Department:

The Village at Loch Lomond Marina includes a Wetland project which just recently started.  The Corp of Engineers is permitting this work.  The Project includes the removal of non-native vegetation around wetland and replaces this vegetation with native species.

The developer will be posting some signs in the next few days to notify the public of the project.

There may be more specific questions related to this subject such as whether this work affects bird habitat or other habitat.  I believe the developer has a specific consultant on board to address these issues especially related to nesting season.  Regardless, the Corp permit will have reviewed this information permitted a specific window for the restoration in order to not jeopardize this important wildlife area.

Very truly yours,
Kevin McGowan
Acting Public Works Director