March 14, 2015: City to Add Parking Spaces for Windsurfers

The Coalition’s Roadway Committee has been working with the City’s Public Works Department to create some parking spaces for windsurfers and other recreational users on the bay side of Point San Pedro Road, near Rivera Drive.   People had previously been able to use this area to park their vehicles until last summer when all the street parking in that area was designated as a Class II Bicycle Lane, which restricts all vehicular parking.
The Roadway Committee requested that the San Rafael Public Works Departments reexamine their decision to remove the parking in that area.  Their City staff reassessed the situation and determined that the roadway in that area was wide enough to accommodate both the bicycle lane and some limited parking. As a result, the City will add eight parking spaces in that area, with the new signage and pavement marking. The work is expected to be completed by mid-April.