March 28, 2015: Marina Lighting & Wetlands – Updated

The  lights that were initially installed for the temporary parking area were night time construction lights operated by gas powered generators. We complained about these and requested the lights be placed on main power (to eliminate the generator noise at night), the level and intensity of the lights be reduced significantly and the placement of the lights be so that they face out over the marina and the Bay, away from Bayside Acres, Loch Lomond and the Cove neighborhoods.

As a result, new and reduced main service-powered temporary lights were installed about one week ago. If the current temporary lighting is still causing a light pollution problem, please let us know via the Marina Committee Contact Page.

Lighting Issues

The Coalition’s Loch Lomond Marina Committee continues to work with the developer to resolve light pollution issues resulting from the temporary parking lighting recently installed while the permanent parking areas are under construction.

In addition, the committee has begun review of the permanent lighting plan and fixture list.  We have been told by the S.R. Community Development Department that the lighting plan is the last public comment design review for this project.  The public review is expected to be scheduled in the next 2 months.  This will be the last chance for all neighbors to review the lighting, an element that will impact a great many residents, both close by and up the hill.

Wetlands Work

In the next two weeks or so, equipment will be operating in three places in the wetlands as part of the wetland restoration project.  The project involves removing fill from upland areas of the wetland so that there is a continuous water flow between all areas of the wetland.  This diagram shows these areas shaded and circled.

Wetland Restoration