June 7, 2015: Marina Breakwater Path Material

Just a note that we are still awaiting a response on this matter from BCDC. They have acknowledged receipt of our letter but not provided a response as of this date.

It was recently brought to the Loch Lomond Marina Committee’s attention that the path on the breakwater surrounding the Loch Lomond Marina had been paved using asphalt. The original material approved by the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) in its 2007 permit was decomposed granite, which was preferred by the Coalition for its more natural look and walking comfort.

Apparently, in October 2014 the developer requested a change in that material to asphalt in a letter to BCDC. That permit change was approved by BCDC as an administrative action without any public notice or hearing. The Coalition as represented by this Committee strongly objects to this action by the BCDC and communicated that position in a letter sent to BCDC yesterday (March 25, 2015).

You can read the full letter to the BCDC by clicking on this link. We will communicate any follow-up actions by this Committee or by BCDC as available. If you wish to communicate your own thoughts on this matter to BCDC, you can use the address on this letter. If you do, we would appreciate your sending a copy to this Committee, or provide a summary using the Committee’s Contact Form.