Loch Lomond Marina Home Page

marinaThe Loch Lomond Marina is located on Pt. San Pedro Road and bordered by three subdivisions: San Pedro Cove to the west, Bayside Acres to the east, and Loch Lomond to the north. The first two subdivisions are separated from the marina by inlets from the bay while Loch Lomond is separated from the Marina property by Pt. San Pedro Road.

The Name: The Village vs. The Strand

The Marina property was originally part of the Loch Lomond neighborhood, but was subsequently split off and, much later, a major retail and residential development called The Village at Loch Lomond Marina was approved. This new development of 81 residential units, full-service grocery, commercial space, restaurant and marina was given final approval by all agencies and the City of San Rafael in late 2007. While The Village is the name of the full development, the residential sub-portion has subsequently been named The Strand at Loch Lomond Marina.

Property Ownership

After the project approvals were granted in 2007, the owners, Oaktree Capital, began searching for a purchaser of the property and related project entitlements after the approvals. The State of California issued a two subsequent statewide two-year extensions (AB208) to valid subdivision maps (Tentative and Vesting Tentative Maps). Extensions for other City approvals were simultaneously granted. As a result, the expiration date of the permits for this development was extended to August 20, 2014. The property was subsequently sold to Woodridge Capital Partners on March 19, 2013. Woodridge Capital Partners (http://www.woodridgecapital.com) began the first stages of construction in August 2013.

As part of the Loch Lomond Marina site design, an area containing wetlands was set aside as a conservation zone that is to be protected and remain in a natural state. Those plans included barriers and other methods to accomplish that objective. Construction barriers and informational signs have been placed around the seasonal wetlands advising people that there are ordinances protecting the area since it is a nesting ground.

Development Status

The Marina Committee meets monthly with the S.R. Community Development Department, the S.R. Public Works Department and BCDC. After each meeting a status report is published on this website. See Loch Lomond Marina News for current and past reports. Information on this project from the City of San Rafael’s point-of-view can be found on the S.R. Community Development’s website page that is specific to this development.

The Marina Committee

We invite members of the community to support the Loch Lomond Marina Committee in this effort and to keep us informed by using the Marina Committee Contact form if you obtain any pertinent information or have specific concerns. Ensuring that the resulting development is acceptable to the neighborhoods and residences surrounding the marina as well as to the general San Rafael community requires constant vigilance from the citizenry.