Loch Lomond Marina: Construction Phase 1

August 2013 – August 2014 (Completed)

Construction Phase 1

  1. The location of the old gas station was remediated. This area is on the corner of Loch Lomond Drive and Pt. San Pedro Road in the Middle Section. This required the excavation of an area about 20’x30′ by 10′ deep and the replacement of that soil with new soil.
  2. Wicks were inserted into the soil in the Middle Section (Residential Phase 1). Think of these as big “straws” that go about 40′ deep and assist in the water extraction and compaction of that soil in the Bay mud. The vertical wicks are connected with the same piping material horizontally to move the water to the edges of the property. This is all done at the current ground level and then covered by the surcharge soil (see next item). More detailed information about wicking can be found in this article on Wick Drains.
  3. A four foot thick layer of earth fill was then placed on this area in a process called “surcharging”. The weight of this dirt, combined with the “wicks”, compacts the soil over a period of approximately 8-10 months in preparation to bear the weight of the residences that will be built there. The approved plans call for a net increase of approximately two feet of ground level in the residential area from its current level at the completion of the construction. This is not to mean 2′ everywhere, but an average. The expectation is that there would be little rise at Pt. San Pedro Road and a gradual rise progressing toward the marina.
  4. The importation of the surcharge dirt required about 100 truckloads/day for 6 weeks. The source of this soil was from excavation of construction sites in the area. None of this material was sourced from the San Rafael Rock Quarry.
  5. The building immediately adjacent to the old Andy’s Market, including the dry cleaners, was demolished and the debris removed along with the parking pavement immediately in front of and adjacent to that building.