Loch Lomond Marina: Construction Schedule


[NOTE: This general construction schedule was last updated November 15, 2017]

Construction of the Loch Lomond Marina project is intended to proceed in four major phases. The first phase began in August 2013 and the final completion of the project is expected to be in mid-2017. Dates for the completion or any intermediate phase may change as the construction progresses. Status updates and revised dates will be posted on the Loch Lomond Marina News page as they become available. More details about each Phase can be found using the links in the left column.

Site PlanConstruction will occur, as defined by the permits, from 7am – 6pm, Monday thru Friday. During the construction, parking and access to Andy’s Market, the docks, parking, boat ramp and Yacht Club will be maintained. However, access may shift from time to time during the construction. Parts of Loch Lomond Drive will be closed at various times during the construction depending on a number of factors including safety during the remediation of the old gas station area and installation of new utilities. During construction there will be day parking for boat trailers but that parking will shift depending on construction conditions. Information and signs will be provided as construction progresses. For construction planning purposes, the property can be divided into roughly five parts:

  • Western Section: The area to the west of Loch Lomond Drive that contains the Loch Lomond Yacht Club, the new Andy’s Local Market and commercial buildings
  • Middle Section: East of Loch Lomond Drive in the middle portion of the development
  • Eastern Section-Bayside: The eastern portion of the development, nearest the Bay
  • Eastern Section-PSPR: The eastern portion of the development, nearest Pt. San Pedro Road
  • Bachbone Infrastructure Section: Comprised of Loch Lomond Drive, the marina boardwalk, marina parking, all spits/jetties and the breakwater