Loch Lomond Marina: Construction Phase 5

January 2018 – December 2018

Construction Phase 4

  1. The temporary construction fencing protecting the wetland in the Eastern Section will be replaced with permanent chain link fencing.
  2. Problems with frequent flooding on the connection between the parking area at the east end of the property and the breakwater will be corrected, and a kayak launch ramp will be installed there.
  3. A new building housing a restaurant, the Harbormaster’s Office and the restroom/shower facilities for use by the live-aboards will be constructed adjacent to the Yacht Club building but separate from it.
  4. The Yacht Club building will receive a “face lift” to match the new construction surrounding it.
  5. A new mixed use building with commercial units on the first floor and five condominium units on the second floor will be constructed on the corner of Point San Pedro Road and Loch Lomond Drive.
  6. The area west of the new Andy’s Market and the mixed use building will be paved, striped for parking and lighted.
  7. The Fuel Dock will be reopened and a kayak launch dock installed adjacent to the boat launch ramp.
  8. Once the surcharging has completed, excess surcharge dirt will be removed from the remaining portion of the Eastern Section (Residential Phase 3 area).
  9. Construction of 21 new homes will be done in the Residential Phase 3 area.
  10. The construction of this project will be completed at this point.