Loch Lomond Marina: Construction Phase 2

August 2014 – June 2016 (Completed)

Construction Phase 2

  1. Remediation was done in the area of the dry cleaners. This involved the removal of approximately 20’x25′ by 8′ deep of existing dirt and replacement with uncontaminated soil.
  2. Wicking was done on this area in the same manner as the wicking in Phase 1 (see Step 2 of Phase 1).
  3. The existing surcharge (the four-foot layer of dirt that has been on the Residential Phase 1 area for the last year) was moved to on top of the wicks on the Phase 2 Residential area.
  4. Additional surcharge dirt was added. The weight of this surcharge combined with the “wicks”, compacted the soil over a period of approximately 8-10 months in preparation to bear the weight of the residences to be built there. 
  5. Loch Lomond Drive was reconstructed with new utilities, paving and parking. This required excavation within Pt. San Pedro Road at the intersection with Loch Lomond Drive/Lochinvar as well as into Lochinvar for the first block in order to connect utilities.
  6. The breakwater was restored with new riprap protection, a pedestrian walkway and benches and opened to the public.
  7. Parks were constructed on the middle jetty/spit and west jetty/spit and opened to the public.
  8. An initial 12 residential structures were constructed along Loch Lomond Drive (1 single family home, 10 townhouses, 1 cottage) for use as model homes and for sales purposes.
  9. Plans for the shell building for the new Andy’s Market were submitted and approved by Community Development. Construction of the foundation began shortly thereafter.