Loch Lomond Marina: Construction Phase 6

August 2018 – December 2019

Construction Phase 4

  1. Problems with frequent flooding on the connector between the parking area at the east end of the property and the breakwater will be corrected, and a kayak launch ramp will be installed there.
  2. Once the surcharging has completed, excess surcharge dirt will be removed from the remaining portion of the Eastern Section (Residential Phase 3 area).
  3. Construction of 21 new homes will be built in the Residential Phase 3 area.
  4. A walking path will be installed between the residences and the wetlands extending from Pt. San Pedro Road to the marina.
  5. The temporary construction fencing protecting the wetland in the Eastern Section will be replaced with permanent chain link fencing.
  6. A new mixed use building with commercial units on the first floor and five condominium units on the second floor will be constructed on the corner of Point San Pedro Road and Loch Lomond Drive.
  7. The medians on Pt. San Pedro Road will be altered. The existing opening serving the old Andy’s Market parking lot will be shifted slightly to the west to line up with the new emergency exit from The Strand. This will require a slight relocation of the street light pole just to the west of the current opening.
  8. Pt. San Pedro Road will be repaved east of the Loch Lomond Drive/Lochinvar intersection, east- and west-bound, up to the new median opening location. All Pt. San Pedro Road repaving will be done with the same sound-deadening asphalt as was used in the original paving.
  9. The entire width of the intersection at Loch Lomond Drive/Lochinvar and Pt . San Pedro Road will be repaved.