May 13, 2014: Roadway Repaving Update

A notice was distributed by MCK Services, Inc., the company given the contract for the repaving of Pt. San Pedro Road. The project has begun and is expected to last until July 15, 2014.

An updated project schedule has been posted on the Marin County DPW website. Pre-construction work such as erecting signage will begin this next week (April 15) and early construction work to prepare the road will begin the next week. For detailed information, see their website at:

The Marin CountyPublic Works Dept. held a public meeting April 7 at St. Luke Church to go over the upcoming paving project and respond to any questions and concerns from the public. The meeting was conducted by Ernest Klock, PWD Principal Civil Engineer, who is in charge of this project. He covered the project plans, schedule, parking, bike lanes and other issues. The project is expected to be completed around the end of July. It involves curbing work, repair and repaving, striping and signage of the roadway from Riviera to 3rd and Union (the section from Dutra Quarry to Riviera has already been done as a test section).

For questions or concerns, contact Ernest Klock at:
(415) 473-6552


MCK Services
(925) 957-9200