May 2, 2015: Loch Lomond Marina Update

The Coalition recently asked several questions of the developer and of the S.R. Community Development Department. These are the responses from the developer:

  • When will the main road and permanent parking area within the development be completed?
    Loch Lomond Dr. and the parking along the Marina should open up in the next 4 to 6 weeks. We are currently completing the paving and parking lots from Dock F (covered dock) eastward to Docks I and J. The landscaping should start in the next two weeks on Loch Lomond Drive and the Marina Green. We are waiting for PG&E to relocate some underground cabling at the intersection of Pt San Pedro Rd. and Loch Lomond Dr.
  • Why isn’t the public access area on the breakwater open to the public?
    As we previously stated, we are holding off opening the breakwater until the parking area near Dock I and J is completed and the new pedestrian walkway extended from the parking lot to the entrance of the breakwater. We are planning to complete this work in the next 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Is the fuel dock going to be reopened? Was there contamination in that area and, if so, has remediation been completed? There are rumors that attempts to fuel boats by hand are resulting in some fuel spillage into the bay. Have the builders taken out a permit for fuel dock usage? Will such a permit be needed?
    The remediation work on the West Jetty is still on schedule for this summer under the direction of the Regional Water Quality Control Board. We have no information about individual boaters fueling their boats by hand or oil spills into the bay. The owner is still evaluating the fuel dock situation. There is no schedule for reopening the fueling facility at this time.
    (NOTE FROM THE MARINA COMMITTEE: We find this response inadequate and does not address the underlying question about the future of the fueling facility. We continue to pursue this issue with both the developer and the City.)
  • People remember it being said that in order to assure that the public access areas would not be slighted (main road, parking, bayshore paths, recreational areas, etc.) these areas would need to be completed before the housing was built. Currently, models of each type of housing are being constructed while work in some of the public access areas has slowed or halted. Does the public access area with supporting parking need to be essentially finished before the housing is constructed?
    The construction of public access along Loch Lomond Dr., the Marina Green, Boardwalk, parking lots, play area and the breakwater are all under construction and plan to be completed in the very near future. Our contractors have diligently worked on these public areas. The majority of the work on these items takes place in the ground and is not visible to the public: sewers, storm drains, storm water filter systems, water lines, electrical and communications lines. All of these items have been underway for months. It is only at the very end that the visible items such as landscaping, final paving and stripping are done.