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Posted 6/12/18: Golden Gate Transit Service to Pt. San Pedro Road Peninsula

Yesterday (6/11/18), Golden Gate Transit started a shuttle bus service extending Route 31 along Pt. San Pedro Road. The route commences in Peacock Gap (Lagoon Road halfway between Peacock Drive and Riviera Drive) in the morning at 7:17 am and 8:17 am; the return routes end at Peacock Gap at 5:33 pm and ... [Read more ...]

Posted 6/11/18: Transit Center Public Meeting Tomorrow

The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, June 12, from 5:30-7:00 PM at Whistlestop, 930 Tamalpais Avenue in San Rafael  to discuss location concepts under consideration for the San Rafael Transit Center. Come to the June 12 meeting to share your opinions about ideas ... [Read more ...]

Posted 4/24/18: District Attorney Candidates Night May 7, 2018



Candidates’ Night

Monday, May 7, 2018 6:00 to 8:00 pm Jackson Café at Whistlestop 930 Tamalpais Avenue, San Rafael

Featuring Candidates for Marin County District Attorney

6:00 Meet and greet the candidates 6:30 Candidates Forum

Moderated by Retired Marin ...

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Posted 4/24/18: Opportunity to Provide Input on the New San Rafael Transit Center

The Point San Pedro Road Coalition is part of group of community organizations that formed the  San Rafael Transit Center Ad-Hoc Committee.  The Committee is working with the Golden Gate Transit District, the agency responsible for the development and planning of the new transit center, on their outreach efforts to ... [Read more ...]

Posted 4/3/18: District Elections Update

The fifth public hearing regarding the change to district elections for the City of San Rafael was held Monday evening, April 2, in the City Council Chambers. At this hearing, the City Council selected what is being called Canal Map 3B as the chosen map of the four districts that ... [Read more ...]

Posted 4/1/18: Marin County District Attorney Candidate Forum April 13, 2018

The Marin chapters of the League of Women Voters and American Civil Liberties Union are teaming up to present a public forum on

April 13, 7-9p , San Rafael City Council Chamber

to hear from all three candidates running to replace Ed Berberian as Marin County District Attorney:

     A.J. ...

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Posted 3/21/18: District Elections Update

The fourth public hearing regarding the change to district elections for the City of San Rafael was held Monday evening, March 19, at in the City Council Chambers, 1400 5th Ave. The next meeting will be on April 2, 2018 at the next City Council meeting. It is expected that ... [Read more ...]

Posted 3/21/18: S.R. Dept. of Public Works Sidewalk Repair Program

From the San Rafael Department of Public Works: Spread the word about the City's new Sidewalk Repair Program FY 2017-18 Application period open March 20 - April 24, 2018 Dear Residents: San Rafael’s Sidewalk Repair Program is the result of a multi-year long process of significant community and Council input on ... [Read more ...]

Posted 3/21/18: San Rafael Flood Fair on 3/24/18

You're invited!

San Rafael Flood Fair

Saturday 3/24, 11am - 4pm

Pickleweed Park

Come to Flood Fair 1 50 Canal St. San Rafael, CA 94901 Exhibits Open Through Sunday March 25th 4pm
  • Learn about the flooding challenges we face as a community
  • Meet people who want to be part of ...
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Posted 3/18/18: San Rafael Transit Center Relocation Public Meeting March 20, 2018

The Golden Gate Transit District is responsible for the planning of the new San Rafael Transit Center. They are very interested in getting public input on the location and design of the project. They will be holding a public meeting on the project this coming Tuesday, March 20 from 5:30-7:00 ... [Read more ...]

Posted 3/15/18: District Elections Update

The third public hearing regarding the change to district elections for the City of San Rafael was held Monday evening, March 12, at in the City Council Chambers, 1400 5th Ave. The next meeting will be on Monday, March 19, during the regular City Council meeting, also at the City ... [Read more ...]

Posted 3/11/18: District Elections Update

The next public hearing regarding the change to district elections for the City of San Rafael will be held Monday evening, March 12 at 6:00pm at in the City Council Chambers, 1400 5th Ave. See the posting on this website on March 5, 2018 for more information as well as ... [Read more ...]

Posted 3/10/18: Paratransit Service to Pt. San Pedro Road Peninsula

The Point San Pedro Road Coalition has been working for the last several years with Marin Transit to provide some form of public transit to serve the Point San Pedro Road Peninsula. I am happy to report that as a first step, Marin Transit has agreed to extend their regular ... [Read more ...]

Posted 3/6/18: Andy Bachich, S.R. Citizen of the Year

A big shout out for Andy Bachich (Andy's Market) for his selection as San Rafael's Citizen of the Year. He earned that honor for a long list of accomplishments, including his entrepreneurship, community support and civic involvement. Starting out as a San Rafael High School student, Andy has a long involvement ... [Read more ...]

Posted 3/5/18: San Rafael District Elections Process

You may already be aware that the City of San Rafael will be moving from City-wide councilmember elections to district-based elections. A key part of that transition will be the determination of the boundaries of each district. The City is currently in the process of determining just what these boundaries ... [Read more ...]

Posted 12/27/17: High tides December 29 through January 4

Road Advisory from Marin County Dept. of Public Works: High tides are expected December 29 through January 4 and, as usual, Caltrans will be closing Manzanita. North San Pedro Road near the China Camp State Park entrance to  Back Ranch Meadows Campground and to the south of Turtleback Hill Trail will ... [Read more ...]

Posted 12/1/17: The Coalition's 2017 Accomplishments and 2018 Goals

At the end of the year, the Coalition Board reviews actions and accomplishments for the year and discusses objectives for the next year. The Coalition and its various committees continue to be very active on a wide range of issues of interest and concern to residents of the Pt. San ... [Read more ...]

Posted 11/2/17: San Pedro Road Coalition Annual Community Meeting


Saturday, November 18, 2017 9:30 AM to Noon St. Luke Church, 10 Bayview Drive, San Rafael

Speakers include:

Marin County District 1 Supervisor Damon Connolly San Rafael Mayor Gary Phillips And other City and County representatives

Hear the latest information on:

  • Disaster ...
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Posted 7/4/17: Andy's Market Closing Today Pending Move

Andy's Market will close today (July 4) at 5pm in preparation for the move to the new market location at the other end of the Loch Lomond Marina property. Andy plans to open the new market on July 15. [Read more ...]

Posted 5/25/17: S.R. City Council Discussion on Second Units

The State of California laws mandating accessory (second) dwelling units (ADUs) changed as of January 2017. San Rafael must comply with the new law mandating ADUs since its revised language now voids the city's previous ordinance. The S.R. Community Development Department (CDD) is moving forward with drafting a new local ordinance, which will ... [Read more ...]

Posted 4/18/17: Marin Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Community Meeting 4/19

How vulnerable is Marin County to sea level rise? Get involved and find out! The newly released, multi-agency vulnerability assessment of future flooding along Marin's bay shoreline will be introduced TOMORROW, April 19, in San Rafael. The public meeting will present the ramifications for ALL RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES, even those ... [Read more ...]

Posted 3/27/17: China Camp Trail Repair Volunteer Work Day

The following is from the Friends of China Camp (FOCC): Sign up now to help with urgent trail repairs Saturday, April 1, 9AM - 3PM. We had to cancel our work day last week due to the weather and the resulting condition of the trails. This is short notice to recruit ... [Read more ...]

Posted 3/26/17: San Rafael High School Construction Project FEIR

In November 2015, San Rafael residents approved a bond measure that would fund improvements to San Rafael Schools. Among these improvements were the modernization of the stadium complex at San Rafael High School. As part of the project procedure, the San Rafael School District, under provisions of the California Environmental ... [Read more ...]

Posted 2/8/17: Energy Upgrade California Rebates

The following was provided by the Marin County Community Development Agency: Has it been too cold in your home this winter? Marin homeowners are eligible for rebates and free technical support through the Energy Upgrade California ® Home Upgrade program. Rebates of up to $6,800 are available for projects including ... [Read more ...]

Posted 12/5/16: Summary of Coalition 2016 Accomplishments and 2017 Goals

The Coalition’s 2016 Accomplishments and 2017 Goals The Coalition and its various committees have been very active this past year on issues of interest and concern to our residents. These activities will continue throughout 2017. This Coalition website is an excellent source of in-depth as well as current information on ... [Read more ...]

Posted 11/29/16: Filming to Disrupt Pt. San Pedro Road

On Monday, December 5, Paramont/Netflix will be filming on Pt. San Pedro Road from 10 AM to 2 PM from Main Drive to McNear Brickyard Road. This will have a disruptive effect on both vehicular and pedestrian traffic on Pt. San Pedro Road during this time period. For more information, ... [Read more ...]

Posted 10/15/16: Coalition Annual Review of Activities

The Coalition has been very active on behalf of our community this past year in a number of areas. Below is a review of our four primary committees' work since last year's Community Meeting and some idea as to what is expected this coming year. ROADWAY COMMITTEE, Kevin Hagerty, Chair ... [Read more ...]

Posted 10/9/16: REMINDER of Coalition's Annual Community Meeting

Join us for updates on issues affecting our neighborhoods! POINT SAN PEDRO ROAD COALITION  ANNUAL COMMUNITY MEETING   Saturday, October 15, 2015   9:30 AM to Noon   St. Luke Church, 10 Bayview Drive, San Rafael   Updates from the County Marin County District 1 Supervisor Damon Connolly   Updates from the City of ...
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Posted 9/24/16: Marin Transportation Authority Survey

Marin Transportation Authority (MTA) has a website called Getting Around Marin dealing with Marin's transportation future. In addition to some general information (Getting Around Marin Today), that site has a survey link to solicit input from the community. There is a button titled "Take Our Survey" on that page. The survey is ... [Read more ...]

Posted 9/15/16: CORRECTION - Meeting Location for Downtown Station Area Panel

The location of the panel meeting to discuss the future plans for the Downtown Station Area has been changed. Originally planned to be held at the San Rafael Corporate Center, it has been moved to the Jackson Café, Whistlestop, 930 Tamalpais Ave., San Rafael (parking across the street). The meeting is ... [Read more ...]

Posted 9/12/16: Panel Meeting 9/21/16 on the San Rafael Downtown Station Area

Wednesday, September 21,  7:00 - 8:30 PM Tamalpais Room, San Rafael Corporate Center 750 Lindaro St, San Rafael 94901 The Federation of San Rafael Neighborhoods is hosting a forum to discuss the vision for the SMART train downtown station area. There will be a panel of committed public officials and dedicated non-profit spokespeople, ... [Read more ...]

Posted 9/12/16: Save The Date for the Coalition's Annual Community Meeting

Join us for updates on issues affecting our neighborhoods! POINT SAN PEDRO ROAD COALITION  ANNUAL COMMUNITY MEETING   Saturday, October 15, 2015   9:30 AM to Noon   St. Luke Church, 10 Bayview Drive, San Rafael   Topics include:   Updates from the County Marin County District 1 Supervisor Damon Connolly   Updates from ...
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Posted 7/22/16: City of San Rafael Service Regarding Water Leaks

Homeowners – Need Help Fixing Leaks?  Did you know that around 35% of homes in Marin have an undetected leak? Many of these are silent but simple to fix, like toilet leaks, which can waste up to 200 gallons a day! Help the City of San Rafael by taking this ... [Read more ...]

Posted 6/16/16: Update on Arson Fires in the Loch Lomond-Bayside Acres-Glenwood Area

The official S.R. Police Department's statement on these fires and the apprehension of a suspect can be found on their website at under the "Breaking News" column. [Read more ...]

Posted 6/16/16: Suspicious Fires in Loch Lomond-Bayside Acres-Glenwood Area

On June 14 and 15, at least 5 fires of suspicious origin ignited in and around the China Camp watershed area above the Loch Lomond, Bayside Acres and Glenwood subdivisions. There may have also been a similar fire near San Pedro School. The Arson Investigation Division of the S. R. ... [Read more ...]

Posted 5/13/16: District 2 Candidates Forum May 18, 2016

The Federation of San Rafael Neighborhoods is hosting a Marin County District #2 Candidates Forum on Wednesday May 18th at 7 p.m. to 8 or 8:30. at the B street Community Center.  Although our area is not in this district, there will be discussion of important topics that impact all ... [Read more ...]

Posted 3/9/16: Dean Allison: In Memoriam

On Friday March 4, the City of San Rafael’s Department of Public Works Director, Dean Allison, died unexpectedly. His death is not only a tragic loss for his family but also for all the residents of San Rafael. In his unfortunately brief tenure as DPW Director, Dean impressed all who ... [Read more ...]

Posted 12/19/15: The Coalition's 2015 Accomplishments and 2016 Goals

The Coalition and its various committees have been very active this past year on issues of interest and concern to our residents. These activities will continue throughout 2016, as well. Our website is an excellent source of in-depth as well as current information on all the work of the Coalition and ... [Read more ...]

Posted 11/3/15: Annual Community Meeting Summary

Pt. San Pedro Road Coalition Annual Community Meeting - October 24, 2015 Bonnie Marmor introduced her co-president Denise Lucy and Board Members Dave Crutcher, Kevin Hagerty, Sara Jensen, Kati Miller and Alan Schaevitz and the Disaster Preparedness Committee co-chairs Milton Davis and Henry Warren. She also introduced many of the ... [Read more ...]

Posted 9/15/15: 2015 Annual Community Meeting to be held October 24

Join us for updates on issues affecting our neighborhoods! Saturday, October 24, 2015 9:30 AM to Noon St. Luke Church, 10 Bayview Drive, San Rafael Topics include: Updates from the County      Marin County District 1 Supervisor Damon Connolly Updates from the City of San Rafael      San ... [Read more ...]

April 6, 2015: Shoreline Trail Opens on April 9th!

  Beautiful new trail is open after nine months of work 
As of Thursday, April 9th, the entire Shoreline Trail will be open!
After nine months of hard work, what was once an eroded, rutted, and muddy trail has been replaced by a solid, level, hard-packed surface that is safe for users and environmentally friendly. ...
[Read more ...]

March 11, 2015: Coyotes - UPDATE: March 25 Presentation

Marin County Chief Park Ranger and Project Coyote volunteer, Rob Ruiz, will discuss coyote ecology and biology, ways to mitigate negative encounters with coyotes in Marin and how to foster co-existence. When: Wednesday, March 25 Time: 12 noon Where: Civic Center Library, Room 427, 3501 Civic Center Dr., San Rafael ... [Read more ...]

March 9, 2015: Park Champions Trail Restoration Day Saturday, March 28

Join Friends of China Camp for morning or afternoon  work parties  or both!
China Camp volunteer Park Champions crews will spend a morning, 9am to noon, or afternoon, 1pm - 4pm, doing trail reconstruction. Sign up for either session or both! Both crews will meet at noon for lunch (on us, of course). For more information see the Friends of China Camp Announcement.
[Read more ...]

March 4, 2015: Coalition Newsletter Debuts

Those of you on the Coalition email list have already seen it. For those of you who haven't yet signed up, you can see it on a new page on this website under About Us, called Coalition Newsletters. We hope this will be the beginning of an additional approach to ... [Read more ...]

February 13, 2015: Master Planning for McNears Beach Park 2/23/15

Marin County Parks will host the first in a series of public meetings to develop a new master plan for McNears Beach Park on Monday, February 23, from 7-8:30 p.m. at the San Rafael Community Center, 618 B Street. For more information, see the Marin County website page. [Read more ...]

Febuary 3, 2015: Whistlestop Building Conceptual Plan Reviews to be held on 2/18/15 and 2/24/15

A conceptual plan review is scheduled with the Design Review Board to give preliminary feedback before a formal proposal is submitted. The meeting will be held February 18 at 7:00pm. The public is welcome to attend and give feedback specific to the building design. A second meeting will be held ... [Read more ...]

January 26, 2015: Neighborhood Car Burglaries

The Coalition participates in a monthly meeting with two other umbrella groups and the San Rafael City Manager. At the next meeting on January 28, this topic is on the agenda and will be discussed with Diane Bishop, Chief of Police. After that meeting we will have a report on ... [Read more ...]

January 21, 2015: Park & Rec Dept Meetings 2/19 and 3/19

The San Rafael Parks and Recreation Commission invites input from San Rafael residents and community organizations on desired improvements to City parks and rec facilities. Ideas will be considered for inclusion in the 2015 Measure A Expenditure Plan. The dates and locations of two public Commission meetings to discuss this item ... [Read more ...]

December 29, 2014: Update on Movable Median Barrier on Golden Gate Bridge

The installation of new, movable median barriers on the Golden Gate bridge is scheduled from January 10 - 12, 2015. After installation, the merge for southbound traffic will be different than the past. For more information, see the notice from the Golden Gate Bridge District below. Driving conditions will be ... [Read more ...]

December 22, 2014: Year-end Review

It has been a productive year for the Coalition with many accomplishments on behalf of our community. See the PDF document below for a review of what transpired. Next year offers a number of issues to be confronted and solved for the benefit of the neighborhoods. We hope you will ... [Read more ...]

November 30, 2014: Sheriff's Office Home Check Service

Going away on vacation this holiday season? If you are one of the many people planning to travel away from home this holiday season, please don't forget that for those residents who live in the unincorporated areas of Marin County, the Sheriff's Office offers to check on your home while ... [Read more ...]

November 9, 2014: Fraud Scheme Alert - Person(s) Posing as Sheriff's Official

The following was posted on Nextdoor by Lieutenant / Public Information Officer Doug Pittman from Marin County Sheriff's Office: The Sheriff's Office has learned that there are person(s) posing as Marin County Sheriff's officials making random calls to Marin County residents demanding money to pay for outstanding Warrants and traffic citations. This ... [Read more ...]

October 30, 2014: Community Engagement Workshops

Another chance to participate in the San Rafael effort to improve community engagement. This post is from the City and offers an online way to contribute your thoughts and ideas until November 10, 2014. Thank you so much for attending one of the recent workshops on community engagement. Over 65 of ... [Read more ...]

October 6, 2014: Community Engagement Workshops

From the October 2, 2014 San Rafael Snapshot Newsletter: Following the community survey over the summer, we would like to discuss with you some short- and long-term strategies that San Rafael is considering to improve our engagement and transparency.  We have scheduled three workshops (identical in content) in October to ... [Read more ...]

October 5, 2014: The Coalition's Annual Community Meeting Summary

The San Pedro Road Coalition’s Annual Community Meeting took place at St. Luke Church from 9:30 to noon on September 27, 2014. The summary of that meeting can be found on the Community Meetings Summary page. [Read more ...]

September 27, 2014: New Coalition Website!

As you can see, we have been working on a major update to bring the website materials up-to-date and to make navigation to the information you need and want easier and more obvious. I hope we have succeeded in both objectives. Your feedback is important (praise is always welcome, but constructive criticism is even ... [Read more ...]

Pt. San Pedro Road Coalition's Annual Community Meeting

Saturday, September 27, 2014 St. Luke Church (10 Bayview Drive) 9:30 - Noon

Speakers include Marin County District One Supervisor Susan Adams, San Rafael Mayor Gary Phillips, Police Chief Diana Bishop, Fire Chief Chris Gray, and Supervisor-Elect Damon Connelly.

Refreshments will be provided by Sandy Mahoney, Madison Company Realtors.

Join ...

[Read more ...]

August 13, 2014: Marin County Community Development Energy Efficiency Programs

My name is Kellen Dammann and I work for the Marin County Community Development Agency on our sustainability programs. I am currently conducting outreach to our local HOAs and POAs to let them know about the energy efficiency resources that are available to Marin residents.

The main program I work ... [Read more ...]

August 4, 2014: SMART Train Quiet Zone Meetings

The following is an email received from the San Rafael City Manager:

Dear Neighbors,

Below please find a link with dates and locations for the upcoming SMART Quiet Zone meetings. These will be duplicate meetings, so attending any one meeting will be the same as the others. I have listed ...

[Read more ...]

May 1, 2013: San Rafael Community Survey

The following was received today from Nancy Mackle, San Rafael City Manager: Dear Community Member, Please take 3 minutes to respond to this important community survey for the City of San Rafael. During the month of May we are conducting a community survey to better understand how we can engage ... [Read more ...]

April 25, 2014: Candidates' Night May 13, 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 6:30 to 9:00 pm St. Luke Church 10 Bayview Dr., San Rafael Featuring Candidates for: Marin County Board of Supervisors, District 1 California State Assembly, District 10 California State Senate, District 2 Candidates will present opening statements followed by questions from the audience. Join Us! Coffee ... [Read more ...]

April 15, 2014: County’s Housing Workshops Update

San Rafael, CA – The Marin County Community Development Agency (CDA) is embarking on the next phase of a plan to meet housing needs at all income levels in unincorporated areas of the County, and a community workshop is being held at 1 p.m. April 26 in San Rafael. The ... [Read more ...]

December 10, 2013: Update on Some Coalition Activities

Introducing the newest member of our Board, Kati Miller: The Board of Directors of the Pt. San Pedro Road Coalition would like to introduce our newest Board Member, Kati Miller. Kati joins our Board this month and brings new enthusiasm and ideas. Kati recently retired from a lengthy and diverse ... [Read more ...]