November 9, 2014: Fraud Scheme Alert – Person(s) Posing as Sheriff’s Official

The following was posted on Nextdoor by Lieutenant / Public Information Officer Doug Pittman from Marin County Sheriff’s Office:

The Sheriff’s Office has learned that there are person(s) posing as Marin County Sheriff’s officials making random calls to Marin County residents demanding money to pay for outstanding Warrants and traffic citations. This is a FRAUD and an illegal scheme by someone to scare people into giving money for unpaid and often non-existent fines or penalties.

In a couple of the incidents, a male subject who identified himself as Marin County Sheriff’s Sergeant Mark HALL calls a local resident and tells him/her that they must pay him in cash for an outstanding Warrant or traffic fine or else be subject to immediate arrest. We do have a Detective Sergeant Mark Hale (but not Hall).

It’s important to know that the Marin County Sheriff’s Office does not collect cash for penalties in this manner. If you have a Warrant for your arrest, we would arrest you and take you to jail. There is always a possibility that you could bail out of custody but that process only occurs in the jail facility.

If you or someone you know receives a call from someone identifying themselves as a representative of the Sheriff’s Office asking for money, please call (415) 473-2311 to help us track down those responsible for this fraudulent scheme.

Lt. Doug Pittman
Marin County Sheriff-Coroner