Posted 10/24/16: Pedestrian Crossing Safety On Agenda for Oct. 26

Wednesday, October 26th at 4:00 PM
Community Development Conference Room
3rd Floor, City Hall

The Point San Pedro Road Coalition has placed an item on the agenda for the October 26th monthly meeting of the City/City Council and neighborhood umbrella groups regarding improving pedestrian safety when crossing multilane roads. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND THIS MEETING.

Topic:  What are the possibilities for improving pedestrian safety when crossing multi-lane roadways in San Rafael? Bill Guerin, Director of San Rafael’s Department of Public Works is going to address the issue. [NOTE: On the agenda this is worded “Pedestrian Safety”. ]

San Rafael has a number of busy streets, many of them multi-lane.  In the downtown area, pedestrian crossings are facilitated by traffic lights, but in other areas such as the Point San Pedro Road corridor there are very few or no crossings with traffic lights in place.  We are aware of devices such as lights embedded in the roadway or flashing lights on poles that can be triggered by pedestrians pushing a button.  What are the possibilities that would be suitable for use on multi-lane roads such as Point San Pedro Road to improve pedestrian safety where available pedestrian crossings are not as frequent as they are downtown and roadway speeds are higher?  What are the pros and cons of the various methods?