Posted 10/26/17: Loch Lomond Marina Update

On Monday October 16, 2017, the Coalition’s Marina Committee (Committee) met with the S.R. Community Development Department (CDD), S.R. Park and Rec (P&R) and S.R. Dept. of Public Works (DPW) for our regular monthly review of the developments at The Village at Loch Lomond Marina (aka “The Strand”). The Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) attended by conference call. The public is encouraged to communicate with the Marina Committee using the Contact the Marina Committee form to raise any issues or concerns so that they may be brought to the City’s attention.

NOTE: MVA below refers to Marina Village Associates, the owner and developer of this property]

The following items were discussed:

Construction Progress: The demo of the old market has begun and will included the removal of the market and the parking lot pavement. This will be followed by the movement of the dirt stored on other parts of the project site to act as the surcharge fill on this area for the purpose of compressing the underlying dirt prior to construction.

Fuel Dock: While MVA has committed to re-opening the fuel dock and has hired a firm to plan that process, no further progress has been reported and not permit amendment has been provided to BCDC as will be required.

Yacht Club: MVA has presented the yacht club with a lease proposal (currently the yacht club is operating on a month-to-month agreement). However, the proposed cost is much higher than the current amount. The yacht club is continuing negotiations with MVA and the City (CDD and DPW) propose that a meeting between the City, Yacht Club and MVA be held to discuss the situation as well as the issues surrounding the kayak dock (see below).

East Jetty (Playground) & Breakwater Connector Flooding: Issues surrounding the long-term sea level rise predictions have delayed BCDC approval of the MVA amendment that is intended to resolve this issue. A core issue is whether the City is willing to accept responsibility for any long-term problems that might arise given the MVA proposal. The CDD intends to discuss this issue with the City Attorney and respond to BCDC within the next month.

Kayak Launch: P&R asked that a defined area around the proposed kayak launch facility (at the parking lot end of the connector to the breakwater) be cleared of stones and other debris that would endanger kayakers and paddle boarders. BCDC stated that they would have no objection to this being done.

Kayak Dock: The kayak dock planned for the areas next to the boat launch ramps has raised several issues that need to be resolved. P&R provided drawings showing a possible kayak launch/paddle board dock. The drawing shows an expanded footprint to enable paddle boarders. CDD indicated that this expanded use was not part of the original approved plan and permits.  A Committee member presented a sketch showing how the placement currently being considered would result in problems for the yacht club because it would make it difficult for them to have reciprocal agreements with others clubs to berth their boats when they visit. These issues need to be discussed and resolved before final plans for the kayak dock can be approved.

West Jetty Debris:  A Committee member and the DPW met to inspected the debris at the west jetty but did not come to agreement about the possibility of removal.  BCDC stated that they would have no problems with removal of debris as long as the debris isn’t providing support for infrastructure or its removal would cause erosion.   Although this work is not required in the permitting, the DPW said they would ask MVA if they will remove it.

Dog Regulations, Signage and Bags: Signage was briefly discussed.  CDD stated that there probably were enough signs but that their orientation needed to be changed in some situations.  P&R presented some ideas to relocate signs by the hammerhead.  A Committee member reiterated the need for signs facing the new boardwalk.

Andy’s Local Market: A meeting including a Committee member, CDD and Andy Bachich to discuss some issues with external lighting on the delivery side of the building (facing the San Pedro Cove subdivision) resulted in positive changes but with some areas still needing resolution. The Committee member has agreed to follow up with Andy on these issues. Andy has submitted plans for exterior tables and a fire pit to BCDC, and they gave him comments but have not yet given approval.

Maintenance in Public Access Area:  A Committee member presented photos showing lack of maintenance in several areas: (a) weeds covering the path on the west jetty, (b) large areas along the old boardwalk where landscaping has died and not been replaced, (c) areas where the brick edging along the old boardwalk has pulled away from the boardwalk and is falling, (d) areas where the top of the brick edging has fallen off.  The DPW stated that they would address the maintenance problems. DPW pointed out that the City has not yet accepted any of the improvements.