Posted 11/13/17: Umbrella Group October Monthly Meeting Cancelled

The Coalition meets monthly with the City of San Rafael along with two other umbrella groups (Federation of San Rafael Neighborhoods and Coalition of North San Rafael) to discuss activities, concerns and/or issues that are not readily addressed directly with the appropriate City agencies or where there is concern about the City’s approach. Items are placed on the agenda by the City and/or the three umbrella groups. This provides the Coalition with an opportunity to raise issues of particular interest to residents of our area. If you have any suggestions regarding potential topics for these meetings, we urge you to let us know via the Coalition Board contact form.

Like the September monthly meeting, the October monthly meeting was also cancelled by the City. A letter drafted by the Coalition and signed by all three umbrella groups was sent to Mayor Phillips urging the continuation of these meetings and highlighting their benefit to the public. In response to that letter, Mayor Phillips has promised not to cancel in the future.