Posted 11/26/15: Loch Lomond Marina Update

On Monday November 16, 2015, the Coalition’s Marina Committee met with the S.R. Community Development Department and S.R. Dept. of Public Works (DPW) for our regular monthly review of the developments at The Village at Loch Lomond Marina. The public is encouraged to communicate with the Marina Committee using the Contact the Marina Committee form to raise any issues or concerns so that they may be brought to the City’s attention.

The following items were discussed:

  1. Boat Refueling Dock: No further information is available at this time as to when the refueling dock will be established and opened. The Committee continues to request information on this matter.
  2. Restaurant: The restaurant plans continue to be in the development stage and have not yet been submitted to the Community Development Department for review. The Committee continues to monitor the status of the restaurant.
  3. Eastern Spit: The Committee expressed its deep concern with the frequency of tidal flooding of the spit between the end of the boardwalk and the breakwater. This flooding makes public access of this area frequently unavailable and we feel it should be addressed now. Paul Jensen, Director of Community Development, agreed that flooding in this area appears to be happening more frequently than anticipated and needs to be re-evaluated. He intends to have further discussions between the City and the developers on this matter.
  4. Trash Cans: The Committee pointed out the lack of trash cans on the eastern spit and breakwater. With the installation of benches and picnic tables in this area, the lack of trash receptacles is problematic. Paul Jensen said he would look into it. It was also pointed out that there appears to be inadequate trash receptacles for the live-aboards for their household trash causing trash overflow.
  5. Lochinvar Rd. (Pt. San Pedro Road to Bonnie Banks): S.R. Public Works Dept. is indicating that there will be only a slurry coating on the road surface where there are now multiple patches related to connecting the utilities at the new development, and it would stop short of the intersection at Bonnie Banks thus not covering some of the patches.  We continue to question this approach and have asked DPW for clarification and further consideration.
  6. Andy’s Market: The Community Development Dept. is expecting to approve the plans for the shell of the new grocery store shortly, with construction of the building to commence soon thereafter. Interior tenant improvement plans are expected to be submitted to CD soon for approval. Once the market construction is completed, the plans currently call for the move from the old building to the new one to occur overnight, with no closure of market services.
  7. Medians Taxation: The Committee had asked for a review to ensure that the new residences and business within the Village at Loch Lomond Marina were assessed at a tex rate commensurate with those imposed on existing residences along Pt. San Pedro Road. That review was conducted and determined that those fees were the same as currently imposed on existing residences (roughly $79/year/residence). The developer has been paying the full amount since the establishment of the Medians Special Assessment District, but will allocate the appropriate amount to each residential and business parcel at close of escrow.
  8. Pt. San Pedro Road/Lochinvar/Loch Lomond Drive Intersection: This intersection will be repaved curb-to-curb as required in the Marina permits. The DPW is currently in negotiations with Dutra to use the same sound-deadening asphalt that was used in the original roadway repaving project.
  9. Residential Occupancy Date: The permits do not allow residency until all public facilities are completed and have been accepted by the City. The developer has stated that they have some units in escrow, but no closing date as yet. However, they are estimating that residency may be available as early as January 2016. The City has confirmed that all public facility improvements east of Loch Lomond Drive must be completed prior to granting occupancy but those west of that street won’t have to be completed until the construction in that area is ready for occupancy.
  10. Wetlands Restoration: Planting of native flora, delayed by concerns regarding protective fencing, will now begin in the wetlands area to the east of the property.
  11. Residential Building Color Palate: A neighbor in The Cove HOA questioned a color that was applied to one of the residential buildings, asking whether it was an approved color. It is the yellow used on the lower portion of the single family home at the corner of Loch Lomond Drive nearest the marina. The City stated that the impact of this color was not what they had anticipated when they approved the color palate and asked that this color be changed. The developer has agreed.