Posted 12/22/17: Paratransit Service For The Point San Pedro Peninsula

The Point San Pedro Road Coalition has been working closely with Marin Transit to get some form of public transit to serve the Point San Pedro Peninsula. During the past year, Marin Transit and the Coalition have conducted surveys and held Community meetings on this subject.

One of the most important priorities defined in these outreach efforts has been the need to provide regular paratransit service to area residents. I am happy to report that largely as a result of the information received in the surveys and community meetings, Marin Transit has approved implementation of regular paratransit service to East San Rafael, and that service is scheduled to start sometime during the first quarter of 2018 as soon as their new paratransit mapping software system has been installed and tested.

The Coalition will keep you informed of the program implementation date as soon as we get that information from Marin Transit. Additionally, the Roadway Committee will continue to work with Marin Transit on developing some public transit commuter options for the residents of the Point San Pedro Peninsula.

Kevin Hagerty
Chairman, Roadway Committee