Posted 12/11/15: Update on Maintenance of Point San Pedro Road Medians

The Point San Pedro Road Coalition’s Roadway Committee has been meeting quarterly with the staff from the City of San Rafael Public Works Department and their landscape maintenance contractor to review and assess the issues pertaining the Point San Pedro Road (PSPR) Medians.

At our most recent quarterly meeting held on December 8, City staff reported that they have finished conducting an inspection of the PSPR  medians and have developed a replanting plan to replace dead plants that have been removed during the past year and also to fill in vacant areas where additional plants are needed. New replacement plants were not planted earlier because of the drought conditions.

City staff has accepted the Roadway Committee recommendations for achieving more color, greater height variations, and different textural qualities when developing their replanting plan.  They also agreed with the Committee’s recommendations that new plants be massed in groups to add substance and agreed to add plants that are presently thriving in the medians as opposed to different species which may or may not be able to handle the soil and weather conditions. Finally, they have taken into consideration the seasonal impacts on the color palette to ensure a pleasing sight year round.

The 478 new plants including one tree replacement have been ordered and installation is scheduled to begin within the next two weeks in order to take advantage of planned rainfall.   Once the new plants are in, the landscape maintenance contractor will continue their work to install new mulch on all the medians.

The Roadway Committee will continue to monitor the conditions the of plants and trees on the medians, the cleanliness of the medians and plan to continue its quarterly meetings with City staff to assess existing conditions and needed changes to the medians.

Kevin Hagerty
Chairman, Roadway Committee
Point San Pedro Road Coalition