Posted 12/12/15: Update on Point San Pedro Road Speed, Safety and Enforcement Issues

Last October, the Point San Pedro Road Coalition co-sponsored a public information meeting with the City and County to present information and to get feedback on this issue.  The City and County staff has recommended that that speed limit on the road be increased from 35 mph to 40 mph. This change would put the City and County in compliance with State regulations that would allow them to conduct enforcement of the speed limit, something the City is not currently able to do.

At that meeting, there was much discussion about how increasing the speed limit would impact safety of those using the roadway. The City and County staff agreed to do additional research on some traffic calming measures that could be used in conjunction with the implementation of new speed limits.

The City and County has conducted its research on possible traffic calming strategies for PSPR.  The Coalition will soon be contacting the presidents of the   Neighborhood Homeowners Associations in the Point San Pedro Road Peninsula Area asking them to appoint a representative from their Association to attend a working group meeting on this subject in January. At that meeting attendees will hear a presentation from the City and County Public Works Departments on their ideas for traffic calming strategies and then participate in a discussion regarding those strategies.

The Coalition’s Roadway Committee Chairman and the representatives from the City’s Public Works Department recently met with representatives of San Pedro School to review their concerns regarding roadway safety issues and to discuss some possible strategies for dealing with those concerns.

These two meetings, one with the San Pedro School staff and the other with representatives of the HOA’s are intended to help define some workable solutions to help address people’s concerns about roadway safety and the proposed increases in the speed limit. The findings and recommendations from these meeting will be presented at a promised planned follow-up of the October public meeting that will be scheduled in February.

Kevin Hagerty
Chairman, Roadway Committee
Point San Pedro Road Coalition