Posted 1/26/17: Loch Lomond Marina Update

On Monday January 23, 2017, the Coalition’s Marina Committee met with the S.R. Community Development Department (CDD) and S.R. Dept. of Public Works (DPW) for our regular monthly review of the developments at The Village at Loch Lomond Marina (aka “The Strand”). The Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) also participated by conference call. The public is encouraged to communicate with the Marina Committee using the Contact the Marina Committee form to raise any issues or concerns so that they may be brought to the City’s attention.

The following items were discussed:
[NOTE: MVA below refers to Marina Village Associates, the owner and developer of this property]

BCDC Order to  MVA: MVA has failed to comply with some of the conditions in the  BCDC Cease and Desist Order and will likely face additional penalties. BCDC has not yet determined how it will proceed with this matter, how the penalties will be calculated and imposed, and if any other conditions might be imposed as a result. Meanwhile, BCDC said that they have received an amendment request to their BCDC permits from MVA but that this amendment request was incomplete and will need to be resubmitted.

Fuel Dock: BCDC confirmed that the fuel dock does require BCDC approval but does not believe that will be a problem. However, they do require that MVA formally request this as an amendment to the current BCDC permit. This item was not included in the recently received amendment request from MVA, and BCDC will not require that item to be included in this amendment so as not to slow down enforcement of the other required items. The City requires the fuel dock in its permits for this development and will require MVA to submit this item to BCDC for approval in a subsequent amendment application.

Yacht Club: The yacht club is currently on a month-to-month lease with MVA. They have been unable to communicate with MVA to establish a longer lease term. This is necessary so that the yacht club can expend funds to make improvements. The yacht club has asked for the assistance of the City to facilitate these discussions.

Restaurant: The physical separation of the restaurant building from the yacht club building (previously physically attached) is agreeable to BCDC. However, the City will require some lot line adjustments to effect this change. It is unclear as to whether BCDC needs to have input into this process and the Dept. of Public Works will work with BCDC to resolve this issue.

Harbormaster’s Office: The move of the Harbormaster’s Office to the combined restaurant and Harbormaster’s Office building was included in their recently submitted permit amendment application. Originally, the Harbormaster’s Office was identified in the BCDC and City permits to be in the grocery market building. BCDC is agreeable this change.

Exterior Lighting: The new public lighting along the boardwalk and parking area is a significant improvement to the old boardwalk lighting and no longer causes light pollution to surrounding areas and neighborhoods. However, there are still a few residual light poles at or near the marina gangway entrances on the eastern portion of the boardwalk that are problematic as well as some old power poles that have yet to be removed (one of which is in the middle of Loch Lomond Drive). The Marina Committee is pursuing these issues.

Flooding on Eastern Breakwater Connection and Central Spit (playground): The BCDC Cease and Desist Order specified that MVA must hire a certified specialist to conduct a flooding study and report the findings to BCDC. MVA has until April 28, 2017 to complete this flooding study. MVA then has until June 30, 2017 to apply for a permit to BCDC to conduct the work specified in that study’s findings. However, that order did not include any requirement to correct identified flooding problems at the central spit/playground! This issue may require further pressure from the City, the public and the Marina Committee. BCDC may also address any needed correction through its maintenance enforcement process. Once the study is complete and MVA submits a permit application, that information will be subject to public comment if public access is determined to be negatively affected by the proposals. Meanwhile, the City has not accepted the work as complete for either area because of these serious problems and does not intend to do so until these issues are resolved.

Public Restrooms: The City’s regulations call for dawn-to-dusk-only access to public parks managed by the City (and this property is included) while BCDC regulations call for 24/7 access on all shore lands regulated by BCDC. An agreement was reached between the City and BCDC that the public areas would be open 24/7 but the restrooms would be locked dusk-to-dawn. The time-locking equipment has been identified and is awaiting MVA installation. Meanwhile, the restrooms are being manually locked/unlocked at the appropriate times.

Dog Regulation Signage & Bags: The City requires all dogs to be on-lease in public parks. Standard signage to that effect has been installed but additional locations for signage have been identified, especially along the breakwater.

Utility Installation Along the Roundabout: Recently, two rather massive plumbing fixtures have been installed in the grass area at the roundabout. Apparently, these are back flow preventers for the future restaurant and for the boat repair shop. They are rather ugly and mar the look of the roundabout and marina and the Marina Committee has questioned their location. Such back flow preventers are required by the relevant City agency and the DPW has agreed to look into why they were place in this awkward location and if they can be moved elsewhere.