Posted 3/15/18: S.R. General Plan 2040 Project

The City of San Rafael has embarked on the task of developing updates to the existing General Plan 2020 that was developed in the early 2000’s. This effort is to update that plan to represent the expectations for the City through 2040.

The City has formed a GP2040 Steering Committee comprised of representatives from neighborhood organizations, youth, special interest groups and others to provide broad community input to this process. The Coalition was asked to participate on this committee as a representative of the Point San Pedro Road corridor residents and businesses. Other organizations have committee members whose interests overlap our geographic area, of course, so those special interests are also represented. The individuals participating on this steering committee from the Coalition are Bonnie Marmor as primary member and Alan Schaevitz as alternate.

The City’s General Plan 2040 website has more information about GP2040. The Coalition will periodically post information on our website regarding the progress of the GP2040 Steering Committee, upcoming meetings which are open to the public, and any other information that is of interest to our residents. A new section of our website, General Plan 2040, has been implemented to provide you with background information and appropriate links.

All GP2040 Steering Committee monthly meetings are open to the public as are other meetings on this subject held by the City. The next meeting of the GP2040 Steering Committee will be on April 11, 2018 at 6:00pm at 750 Lindaro Street, S.R.