Posted 3/22/18: Loch Lomond Marina Update

On Monday March 19, 2018, the Coalition’s Marina Committee (Committee) met with the S.R. Community Development Department (CDD) and S.R. Dept. of Public Works (DPW) for our regular monthly review of the developments at The Village at Loch Lomond Marina (aka “The Strand”). The Bay Conservation & Development Commission (BCDC) was not in attendance. [NOTE: MVA below refers to Marina Village Associates, the owner and developer of this property]

The public is encouraged to communicate with the Marina Committee using the Contact the Marina Committee form to raise any issues or concerns so that they may be brought to the City’s attention.

The following items were discussed:

Fuel Dock: MVA has stated that they intend to include these plans in the currently pending permit amendment that includes the proposed changes to resolve the flooding issues on the east jetty (where the playground is located) and the connector between the boardwalk and the breakwater (see Flooding Issues below).

Kayak Dock: A revised design for the kayak dock between the yacht club and the boat launch ramp has been reviewed between the yacht club and the kayak advocacy group. While there isn’t yet a full agreement, since this design differs from the one approved in the permits, MVA will need to accept the new design, also. The City has stated their approval of this tentative design. This change must also be included in the pending permit amendment with BCDC.

Flooding Issues: City could not finalize approval of flooding resolution by the end of January as planned due to continuing issues, including a problem with MVA’s proposed placement of the kayak launch ramp in a location that would be too steep for handicap access. BCDC has some concerns as to liabilities for longer term sea level rise. The City is going to try to coordinate a meeting between the City, MVA and BCDC to resolve these issues and get this work moving forward.

[NOTE: The fuel dock, kayak dock, flooding resolution and outdoor seating area by Andy’s Market are all tied together in a yet-to-be-submitted permit amendment request from MVA to BCDC.]

Harbormaster/Restaurant Building: The building permit for this structure has now expired with no activity by MVA. CDD has the authority to re-activate this permit within 6 months of expiration without going back to the Planning Department. However, this lack of progress is concerning for many entities, including the yacht club and Andy’s Market. The City is intending to encourage MVA to get moving on this construction.

Yacht Club: Lease negotiations between MVA and the Yacht Club have stalled. The Yacht Club currently operates on a month-to-month lease and desires a longer lease term so that they may invest in some upgrades. CDD has sent a letter to MVA clarifying the limited use of this building  as a yacht club under the current permits and intends to encourage MVA to complete lease negotiations.

Pt. San Pedro Road Eastbound Right Turn: DPW has agreed to paint the curbing red approaching Loch Lomond Drive on Pt. San Pedro Road as well as changing the white stripe for the bike lane to a dashed line at that intersection. All this is to improve visibility for vehicles on Loch Lomond Drive when turning right (east) onto Pt. San Pedro Road and to improve the ability to safely turn right (south) from Pt. San Pedro Road onto Loch Lomond Drive.

Crosswalk Visibility: The Committee had pointed out that the crosswalks on Loch Lomond Drive are all painted a gray color similar to the asphalt and very difficult to see from vehicles. DPW has agreed that the crosswalks should have distinctive white striping to make them more visible. The design of the striping is still under consideration.

Commercial Signage: Andy’s Market has proposed a commercial sign on eastbound Pt. San Pedro Road approaching Loch Lomond Drive in roughly the same location as the current wooden commercial sign. The proposed sign has been reviewed by the City and is acceptable. The sign would also accommodate the other commercial businesses on the property. The last step is a notification to nearby residents since the sign has received an encroachment permit to allow it to overhang the pedestrian sidewalk.

Construction Progress: Although MVA indicated last month that it plans to resume construction within the next 4 to 5 weeks of the residences where the foundations have already been laid, no activity has been noted. The movement of surcharge dirt, currently piled on the western edge of the property, to the old Andy’s Market site has been awaiting a truck route agreement with the City before a permit can be issued. That route has been defined and approved by the City so that permits can now be issued. The route will have loaded trucks drive past Andy’s Market onto Loch Lomond Drive and turn right at the light onto Pt. San Pedro Road. They will then re-enter the property a half-block east at the old Andy’s Market entrance. The empty trucks will take an internal route on the property back to the surcharge dirt pile.