Posted 3/21/18: District Elections Update

The fourth public hearing regarding the change to district elections for the City of San Rafael was held Monday evening, March 19, at in the City Council Chambers, 1400 5th Ave. The next meeting will be on April 2, 2018 at the next City Council meeting. It is expected that at that meeting the City Council will select one map to be the final choice for the first district elections in 2020.

At this most recent meeting, several new maps were generated and discussed. Five (5) maps (District Elections 2, Canal 1, Canal 2, Canal 3a and Canal 3b) are the primary maps to be focused upon, but the other maps could also be discussed at well. Maps can be viewed on the Draft Maps webpage on the City’s website (however Canal 3a and 3b were not yet available at the time of this posting). See the posting on this website on March 5, 2018 for more information as well as the City’s website on District Elections.

The Coalition is opposed to any approach that divides our community between multiple districts. That position had been communicated to the City in a letter from the Board. While there might be positions taken that favor one map over another, your Coalition has chosen to constrain itself to the primary issue of the cohesiveness of our area to be within the jurisdiction of one District Council representative. All of the focus maps “keep us together” and, therefore, meet our primary concern.