Posted 4/20/18: Umbrella Group Monthly Meeting Notes from April 18, 2018

The Coalition meets monthly with the City of San Rafael along with two other umbrella groups, Federation of San Rafael Neighborhoods and Terra Linda Residents Association (formerly Coalition of North San Rafael), to discuss activities, concerns and/or issues that are not readily addressed directly with the appropriate City agencies or where there is concern about the City’s approach. Items are placed on the agenda by the City and/or the three umbrella groups. This provides the Coalition with an opportunity to raise issues of particular interest to residents of our area.

If you have any suggestions regarding potential topics for these meetings, we urge you to let us know via the Coalition Board contact form. These meetings are open to the general public and are held the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm (subject to change) in the large meeting room, 2nd floor, City Hall.

Mayor Gary Phillips ran the meeting. Items discussed were:

2040 General Plan:  There has been discussion on how to handle the neighborhood vision plans, whether to place them in an appendix, whether to spread them throughout other elements or whether to leave them in their own element.  It was suggested that neighborhoods that have an opinion on this contact Barry Miller, Project Manager for General Plan 2040. He can be contacted at (415) 485-3423 or via the City’s GP2040 Website. The next meeting of the General Plan group will be on the 2ndWednesday in May at BioMarin. The public is welcome to attend. More information on General Plan 2040 can be found on the City’s GP2040 Website.

Transit Center Relocation Planning:  Currently three plans have been put forth by Golden Gate Transit.  The City wants a fourth plan.  Several concepts are under consideration:  housing above the transit center, a two-level transit center, use of the CalTrans space under the freeway for the transit center.  The City has asked for a study to determine the feasibility of these concepts.  Once feasibility has been determined, the public could be asked their preference. Any additional conceptual ideas should be given to Mayor Phillips very soon.

Flooding of the Roadway in China Camp:  A report was given by Kati Miller a member of the group convened by Damon Connolly with County, City, State and Federal officials (and a Board Member of the Pt. San Pedro Road Coalition). This group was formed to address serious problems resulting from the increasingly frequent flooding of North San Pedro Road and failing culvers beneath the roadway. This project is important for the environment but also to maintain a life line to San Rafael in the event that Hwy 101 is blocked. A catalyst grant to study long term solutions has been applied for.  Shorter term goals are also being set to be enacted before the next flood cycle. See North San Pedro Road Issues report in the Wetlands News section of this website for more details.

Banning of Glyphosate/IPM: The County has restricted the use of Round Up.  As of today the City as well will no longer use this substance.  The Mayor wants to try a ban for a year and then evaluate how bad the weed situation becomes without it.

Four Point Sheraton Development Update:  This project for condos has resurfaced in a scaled down form. Staff is reviewing it to determine next steps.  Concern was expressed about traffic impacts.

Kaiser Permanente Plans Update: Concern was expressed about pedestrian safety resulting from placing a parking complex in a location where patients must cross Los Gamos.  It was suggested that a pedestrian overpass or underpass is needed.  The Design Review Board expects to review the plans in May at the earliest.