Posted 4/24/18: Opportunity to Provide Input on the New San Rafael Transit Center

The Point San Pedro Road Coalition is part of group of community organizations that formed the  San Rafael Transit Center Ad-Hoc Committee.  The Committee is working with the Golden Gate Transit District, the agency responsible for the development and planning of the new transit center, on their outreach efforts to encourage community organizations and neighborhood groups to provide needed input regarding this important project.

Although the transit center will not be build in our neighborhoods, the proposed area location will impact our residents ability to access the freeways, Downtown San Rafael and the areas west of Downtown. It is important at this early stage of the transit center development, that  area residents and neighborhood organizations provide the projects consultants with input regarding the project.

I ask that you work with your neighborhood Associations and/ or as  individuals in reviewing this project and submitting your comments to the Golden Gate Transit District staff by Friday, May 18, 2018. More information on the project and where to send your comments can be found in the attached letter below from the  San Rafael Transit Center Ad- Hoc Committee.

Kevin Hagerty
Chairman, Roadway Committee
Point San Pedro Road Coalition


April 24, 2018

Dear Neighbor:

The Golden Gate Bridge and Transportation District has invited people and organizations to provide their ideas about the relocation and redesign of the San Rafael Transit Center. We’re writing to encourage you to send your suggestions to them as soon as possible, so that the community’s thinking can be folded into the concepts they are now developing.

SMART’s extension from Downtown San Rafael to Larkspur will soon travel through the existing San Rafael Bettini Transit Center making it necessary to relocate the current transit center. This is an opportunity to improve the way the new transit center will function. The Golden Gate Transit District, owner of the current transit center site, is developing plans for the new transit center. The District has hired a consultant team to work with the current transit operators and the San Rafael community on this project.

Our San Rafael Transit Center Ad-Hoc Committee is a group of individuals representing a number of interested community organizations that are committed to assisting Golden Gate District in encouraging community input for the development and operational features of a new San Rafael Transit Center.

The initial phase of the San Rafael Transit Center study will involve selecting a new site for the transit center. There are a number of factors that impact the decision of where to put the transit center, and any potential site for the transit center requires trade-offs among different factors. The Golden Gate Bridge District is interested in hearing from the community how it should evaluate these trade-offs, and which factors should take priority over others.

During April and May, the consultant is seeking community input in determining:

  1. What are the most important factors in the development of a transit center?
  2. What are the greatest opportunities with a new transit center?
  3. What transit center features would be important to enhance the transit users experience?
  4. What transit center features are important to enhance the experience and usability of San Rafael’s Downtown Station Area?
  5. What’s the optimal location for the new transit center, and what factors support that location?

For further background, including the presentation of project objectives from the initial March 20 Community meeting, please visit the San Rafael Transit Center project page at

The Ad-Hoc Committee urges your organization and members to review these questions, discuss possible responses and provide written feedback to the Project Manager as soon as possible, and no later than May 18, 2018.

Your comments and suggestions should be sent to:

San Rafael Transition Center Relocation Project Manager Raymond Santiago.

Email Address:

Mailing Address:

SRTC Relocation Project Manager
Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District
1011 Andersen Drive
San Rafael, CA 94901-5318

The Project Team plans to incorporate the feedback they receive into recommended project concepts that will be shared at the next Community meeting, tentatively scheduled for the middle of June 2018.

Thank you for your assistance.

The San Rafael Transit Center Ad-Hoc Committee

The Committee includes representatives from the following organizations.
Aging Action Imitative San Rafael Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Economic Development
Lincoln San Rafael Hill Neighborhood Association San Rafael General Plan Steering Committee
Canal Welcome Center San Rafael Federation of Neighborhoods
Marin League of Women Voters San Rafael Planning Commission
Montecito Homeowners Association San Rafael School District Board
Point San Pedro Road Coalition Sustainable San Rafael
San Rafael Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Whistlestop
San Rafael Chamber of Commence