Posted 4/13/17: Community Meeting May 2 – East San Rafael Public Transit Options

The Point San Pedro Road Coalition has been working with Marin Transit to explore options for providing some form of public transportation to serve the East San Rafael Peninsula. To date, the Coalition and Marin Transit has conducted an on-line transit demand assessment survey last year and held a community meeting in January of this year on the subject. Unfortunately, a major winter storm prevented many residents from attending that meeting.

To allow for additional community participation, the Coalition is scheduling another Community Meeting with Marin Transit staff on Tuesday, May 2 at 7:00 pm at the San Pedro Elementary School located at 498 San Pedro Road.

The purpose of that meeting is to discuss and get feedback on exploring and developing some options for providing some form of public transportation service that can be implemented to serve the East San Rafael Peninsula residents, employers and employees. Feedback from the meeting will assist Marin Transit in better defining their needs assessment that they can include in their upcoming Short Range Development Plan.

Among the options to be discussed at this meeting are:

  • Fixed Route Service to San Rafael Transit Center
  • Fixed Route Service to Larkspur Ferry Terminal
  • Flexible Fixed Route Service
  • Expanding Para-transit Service to East Rafael
  • Use of Coordinated Taxi and TNC (Uber, Lyft, Chariot) Service

At the meeting, Robert Betts, Marin’s Transit’s Director of Operation and Planning will:

  1. Review the results of the 2016 East San Rafael public transportation assessment survey and input received from the January Community meeting
  2. Review the area demographics
  3. Introduce various applications of public transportation services and how they could potentially serve rider markets in East San Rafael
  4. Solicit comments and receive feedback on those options and other ideas that residents, employers and employees may have to address Area transportation needs.

This is a great opportunity to learn about what public transit option are being considered for East San Rafael and to provide Marin Transit staff feedback on these and other transit options you would like to be considered. I strongly encourage all residents, employers and employees who have an interest in this subject to attend this meeting.

Kevin Hagerty
Chairman, Roadway Committee
Point San Pedro Road Coalition