Posted 4/21/17: Loch Lomond Marina Update

On Monday April 17, 2017, the Coalition’s Marina Committee met with the S.R. Community Development Department (CDD) and S.R. Dept. of Public Works (DPW) for our regular monthly review of the developments at The Village at Loch Lomond Marina (aka “The Strand”). The Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) also participated by conference call. The public is encouraged to communicate with the Marina Committee using the Contact the Marina Committee form to raise any issues or concerns so that they may be brought to the City’s attention. [NOTE: MVA below refers to Marina Village Associates, the owner and developer of this property]

The following items were discussed:

Drug Activity At the Playground Area: Drug paraphernalia has been found on the East Spit (where the playground is located) in the form of discarded needles. This was brought up at this meeting for informational purposes and the San Rafael Police Department will be notified. [NOTE: This has been done. See related Drug Activity at Loch Lomond Marina post.]

BCDC Order to  MVA: An agreement has been reached between BCDC and MVA regarding the  BCDC Cease and Desist Order. MVA has submitted Permit Amendment 4 for final approval that defines this agreement. It includes language that compels MVA to make improvements on the East Spit (playground area) as well as the connector from the parking area to the breakwater to rectify the observed flooding in those areas during high tides, king tides and storm surges. The actual work to be done will be determined by the Flooding Study and subsequent Permit Amendment 5 that will specify that work.

Fuel Dock: A request to BCDC to re-open the fuel dock is not included in Permit Amendment 4 from MVA. The City requires the fuel dock in its permits for this development and will require MVA to submit this item to BCDC for approval. The current intent by the City is for MVA to include this in Permit Amendment 5 that is due at the end of June.

Restaurant & Harbormaster’s Office: The Community Development Department has approved the building permit but it is still in process with other City departments.

Flooding on the Breakwater Connector and Eastern Jetty (playground): The Flooding Study mentioned in “BCDC Order to MVA” above is due for completion by April 28. A draft of this study was briefly reviewed at this meeting but is not yet complete. It does indicate some proposed solutions to the flooding issue. MVA then has until June 30, 2017 to apply for a permit to BCDC (Permit Amendment 5) to conduct the work specified in that study’s findings. Meanwhile, the City has not accepted the project as complete for either area nor released bonds tied to that project area because of these serious problems and does not intend to do so until these issues are resolved.

Dog Regulation Signage & Bags: The City has reviewed additional locations for signage and bags, including along the breakwater, but it has not yet been finalized.

Andy’s Market: Andy Bacich briefly attended the meeting to discuss the new market plans. He is now targeting closing the old market location on May 1 and opening the new location on May 10. This differs from original plans of doing the move overnight and not having any customer impact from market closure. Andy determined that due to electrical considerations from PG&E and disconnecting and moving refrigeration equipment, that plan was not feasible. Andy also requested a slight color change for the exterior walls. That change would be from a muted “light beige-like” color to a lighter, whiter color, and is under consideration and review.