Posted 4/27/16: Loch Lomond Marina Fuel Dock Update

The Loch Lomond Marina Committee met today with John Arvin, VP Woodridge Capital Partners, to discuss the status of the marina fuel dock among other items. It was a productive and informative meeting. Mr. Arvin stressed that there is every intention to re-open the fuel dock, and any rumors to the contrary are false. However, several project scheduling issues have delayed that opening far beyond what was originally envisioned.

Several steps must be accomplished before the fuel dock can re-open. First, the new Andy’s Market must be opened, which is expected to occur by the 2016 Thanksgiving and/or Christmas holidays. That will allow for the old (current) Andy’s Market to be demolished. Once that is done and the land prepared, the dirt currently piled on the western side of the property (with the boats on top!) can be move to become the surcharge for the eastern side where Andy’s Market was located. Once that dirt is removed, the fuel station/tank can be installed as planned on the western edge of the property and then connected to the pumps on the fuel dock.

At this point, Mr. Arvin expects that the fuel dock will re-open sometime in the first quarter of 2017. Of course, the actual date is dependent on all of the prior tasks being completed successfully. The Marina Committee will continue to monitor the developments at The Strand and inform the public of any schedule changes.