Posted 6/12/18: Golden Gate Transit Service to Pt. San Pedro Road Peninsula

Yesterday (6/11/18), Golden Gate Transit started a shuttle bus service extending Route 31 along Pt. San Pedro Road. The route commences in Peacock Gap (Lagoon Road halfway between Peacock Drive and Riviera Drive) in the morning at 7:17 am and 8:17 am; the return routes end at Peacock Gap at 5:33 pm and 7:00 pm.  

The trips are timed to SMART and Golden Gate Ferry Schedules. This service runs Monday-Friday (except holidays) and is free when transferring to and from the Larkspur Ferry. There are also stops in front of the Glenwood neighborhood, as well as near the entrance to the Strand, and Pt. San Pedro Road and Lochinvar Dr.